Monday, July 03, 2006

The move is complete!

Here are a few pictures of my new home. I am so grateful to be back in the lovely state of Georgia! Life seems to have moved forward without skipping a beat.

We have Michael just about enrolled in college. He has applied at Brewton Parker which is a small Baptist college. Mark is working on getting financial aid at this point and Michael has applied for some student loans.

Paul has made several friends. He has gotten active in a Methodist Youth group. The kids that we are meeting are all sweet and great. God really answered my prayer about sending Paul friends who are Christians and active in their church.

Mark has orderd and received the music for the High School marching band. He's written the first drill. This is a really small marching band. I am praying that he can grow it!

I am looking at options as to where I should attend college this coming year. Also, I was approached about teaching at a local Christian elementary school. I have put my application in for a second grade position and I am being interviewed this week.

I am really seeking God's will in all of this. I think that I would love teaching in a Christian school; however, I need to figure out exactly how this will effect Paul's schooling for this year. I have most of his curriculum ordered for his eighth grade year and he wants to homeschool this year, too. I am wondering if they hire me, if they will allow me to bring Paul a few days a week to the school and if Mark can carry him a couple of days, too.

I don't think that Paul would want to be here at the house all day - alone. :o(

But, I believe if this is going to happen then God will work all things out to the good.

I love my house. We are enjoying the floor plan except the cooking area in the kitchen is just too small. We are constantly getting in each other's way!

We have been visiting area churches and that is kind of cool. We never get to do that because usually Mark is on staff at a church and that's where we attend.

I am going to do some laundry and general cleaning. I want my house looking pretty for the fourth.


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TXArtcGal said...

Welcome back to blogging!!...I wish I had checked earlier this week!

I absolutely LOVE your new home!...beautiful!

I'm glad you all are settling in, and everybody is adapting to their new environment...making friends, etc.

Congrats on the potential job! Praying that God sends a clear message as far as if this is the road you should take!