Saturday, July 22, 2006

Michael's room

This room has a horrible paint job but he's going to have to live with it for a while.

I love the one of Michael sitting at his computer.

Photos of Paul's room

This is Paul's room. I thought that I had better take advantage of him being on a youth retreat to get a few shots of his room while it was clean! That one picture is looking into his side of the bathroom. That's his sink. If you continue into that room, his closet is opposite his vanity and the tub and toilet area are located in the middle room. Michael's sink and closet are on the other end.


Friday, July 21, 2006


Last night, my husband had a dinner meeting and so that just left Michael, Paul and me eating my nice dinner. I made one of Paul's favorites since he was heading out this morning to go on a Youth Retreat. I was kind of sad that Mark wasn't here enjoying the meal with us but the dinner time conversation got a little interesting.

First, the brothers were arguing (not yelling but having some sort of disagreement). I said, "Please, if you two can't find something civil and kind to say to each other then don't say anything.

Amazingly, they looked at me and stopped their fussing. Both begun commenting on the wonderful meal, asking questions about when their dad was going to get home. The conversation lagged a tad, and then Paul said, "You know that girl, S (insert name), that I talk to on the phone? I really like her."

Managing to keep my silence, I looked at him and smiled. I have learned if I begin to ask to many questions with this kid, he stops talking.

Paul continued on, telling me that she had the bluest eyes that he had ever seen. He described how they change colors depending on her mood. When S is happy, her eyes are bright and a light blue rimmed in gold but when she's deep in thought or upset, her eyes turn a deep blue, sort of navy.

Man, I wanted to scream, JUST how much have you gazed into this girl's eyes to wrap so poetic a description? However, instead I remarked that he had always loved blue eyes. He nodded his head, smiled and told me that he loves to stare into her eyes so he can determine her moods.

As Paul continued raving about this girl, his loving brother started relaying one side of Paul's telephone conversation with her. At first, Paul proceeded to go into great detail everything that S had said in response to his questions and statements. Lots of information was shared when a light bulb seemed to go off above Paul's head.

Paul couldn't believe that Michael had heard him TALK to her on the phone. Michael begins to explain since their rooms connect that hearing your loud mouth is pretty easy. Younger brother, becomes indignant, and claims that Michael has invaded his privacy and gossiped about him to mom!

Finally, they both look at me, as the only high court official in our home since Mark wasn't present. Paul demanded that I quote to Michael a Bible verse that bans eavesdropping. Even though, I wanted to say, "I WANT your older brother to LISTEN to ALL your conversations and report back to me," I refrained. Stifling a laugh, I told my son that I couldn't think of such a Bible verse. I said the Bible does say we shouldn't gossip but that I didn't think that Michael thought he was gossiping since Paul began the conversation about S.

Paul still looked quite wounded and hurt. So in my VAST wisdom, I told them that it would be impossible for Michael to never hear Paul talk on the phone BUT if he was privy to one of Paul's conversations that he shouldn't share what was said without Paul's consent. ugh

Well, that satisfied both of them. I then added that I really liked Michael's input into our conversation to which older brother laughed and younger brother rolled his eyes.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Packing up a son!

I am so grateful that God has allowed me to raise Michael and Paul. I have loved watching them grow and mature. Both of my sons love Christ and are very kind to others. That blesses me to see.

Paul is going on a retreat tomorrow. He's leaving at 7 AM and will not be back home until Monday evening. Now, this boy has been going to Boy Scout camp for the past two years but his dad has always attended because Mark was a leader in troop. However, my baby will not have mom or dad with him for this Youth retreat. It's like another right of passage. I know he's more than ready to go and fly on his own but I still see that little boy whose hand used to be so small. I remember a time when he wanted mommy as his constant companion but those times are nothing but sweet cherished memories. He's growing up. That once small hand that could get lost in my hand is now bigger than mine.

I am still needed but not to rock him to sleep and go outside and catch butterflies but as the taxi service, cook, or the laundry maid! This morning, I have been doing his laundry for this retreat. A huge sleeping bag fills the washer. T-shirts and jeans slow turn in the dryer. I want his stuff to smell clean and remind him of home and his mom.

I worry. I worry that he'll have an asthma attack and ignore it. I worry that he'll get hurt white water rafting. I just worry. "God has not given us a spirit of fear but of love, peace and a sound mind," plays over in my head as I ready his belongings. That scripture sinks in and settles my heart.

I want to tell my baby not to go but rather just to stop and be still. And, let me cement into my mind this moment in his life which is all too quickly stepping over the realm of childhood into manhood.

Well, the mom (or rather the maid) needs to fold some laundry. There has been enough reflection on the past. Today is a new day and with God's grace, I will rejoice as I watch this son turn into a godly young man.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I heard the best message today on television from Joyce Meyers. It was about pressing past our feelings and emotions and looking at ourselves when someone irritates us instead of expecting to change them.

Basically, she was saying that we need to discover why we are angry instead of always looking to blame the other person. Of course, it's hard to look at our own hearts. She brought up several situations that were funny but they hit home.

She talked about how some people don't like up and joyful people. If they feel bad or serious, then golly, everyone else should be serious, too. She also hit upon those with jealousy issues, or feelings of insecurity. The message was great and I have thought about it a lot today.

Something, that I have always told my children when treated poorly by someone, is to kill that person with kindness! Say nice things to them. Help them when they need help. Be kind. And, most importantly pray for that person. I have told them, the point is NOT to change that person and make them like you BUT the point is for you not to allow bitterness to take root in your heart. Only the work of the Holy Spirit can change the other person, but we are called to display the image of Christ.

That is easy advise to give and very hard advise to live.


Small bits of thankfulness

This morning my husband and I were chatting after our Bible time. He told me that he had slept soundly - that he even dreamed. I asked him what he dreamed about and he told me band. LOL Then, he went on to say that he didn't have to even get up in the night to use the bathroom. I responded that neither did I!

How funny!! I never thought that I would be grateful for that particular thing NOT occuring. Aging isn't for whimps! The surprising thing is when I look at this man, I still see the man that I loved as a 20 year old! Yet, here we sit, talking night time bathroom habits while sipping on our coffee.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Am I delusional or what?

Today, I decided to bake hamburgers buns, cinnamon rolls and pan rolls. As I was slaving away baking using my KitchenAid Mixer to do the kneading, my relatively new Whirlpool oven to do the baking, standing in my air conditioned kitchen, I thought, "Wow!!! This is just like Little House on the Praire."

Snicker. Sometimes, I just have to laugh at myself. Can you imagine what Laura would have thought of our easy lives? Yet, we complain that we don't have enough. I have always said that I could be like that Proverbs woman if I had servants to order around. But, what I have is really just as good! I have appliances. I have never had to worry about one of my children dying from a childhood disease. I have never HAD to walk anywhere unless I chose to walk. If I decide to sew, I have a wonderful sewing machine. I have never had to weave cloth to make my family's clothing.

Yeah, boy.... my life is just like Little House on the Praire.

I have often wondered if I didn't live in such a wonderful time, would my family have suffered from want? Would I have worked hard and provided beautiful clothing, wonderful gardens filled with bounty? Would I have slaved on wash day, hauling water from a creek?

So, today, in my little mind, I had my sweet delusion of being a pioneer mom but I thankfully rejoiced that God allowed me to be born into a world of modern inventions!

Cinnamon rolls anyone?


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Old Wedding pictures.....

I had to hunt for pictures of my parents today for National Missing and Exploited Children. They are going to do age progressions and needed some better photos.

This one is Mark and me.
This one was made at my house. It's me and my sisters.

Man! Looking at those pictures brings back a flood of memories. One of those being that my eyes look bigger when I am thinner. LOL I can't believe how young we looked and I remember all of our hopes and dreams. Some of those dreams were stolen when my parents kidnapped two of our precious children; however, God has kept out feet from falling and put in our lives and hearts new hopes and dreams.

Anyway, once upon a time, I was a brunette, I was thin, and I was naive.


I am SO excited!!!

Being the so smart gal that I am (NOT) after only over a year or so of blogging, I have finally figured out how to ADD links to my sidebar. I have added three friends' Blogs! How totally cool is that! I know that everyone is impressed with me. That is me at my computer looking so computer smart. Now, if I could add music. Blueberry has inspired me!


This was fun!!!

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Friday, July 14, 2006

A few more pictures of the house!

I finally got some more pictures of the house - without boxes!

I am going to add a couple MORE pictures. I have to show everyone my red mixer! LOL


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thoughts on worth...

My sweet husband has a Master degree in Church Music and has already been accepted into a doctoral program. I have always been extremely proud of him because I saw the sacrifice that it took for him to complete that seminary degree. Plus, the degree was an indication of work and commitment.

Often, when I compared myself to him, I would wonder why he married me and felt unworthy. I based this worth on my lack of degree. I have tried to complete my degree so many times in our marriage and then life happens and my schooling is interrupted.

I was asked to apply for a teaching position in a Christian school a few weeks ago. I told the folks who asked me that I didn't have my degree. The school's policy was to hire only 4 year degreed people. However, I was asked to still submit my resume. I thought, this will be embarrassing but felt compelled to go ahead and put my experience down on paper.

While I have worked outside the home during our marriage most of my experience comes from inside my doors or ministry that I have done over the years. As I started remembering all that I had done the resume grew to where I wasn't totally mortified to let someone read it.

Here's copy of what it included:

Elementary Classroom Teacher

15 years of home educating my sons

Taught an extremely dyslexic child how to read and write raising his reading level from a non-reader to low fourth grade in one school year

Have spoken at homeschool seminars on types of learning styles and curricula choices

Taught ESOL to migrant workers in KY

Taught and supervised ESOL and Laubach, a literacy program, for a minor league baseball team (Texas Rangers) in Punta Gorda, FL

Piano and voice teacher in FL for six years

Taught at VBS Training for Concord Baptist Association in
Murfreesboro, TN 1981 and Peace Rive Baptist Association in FL, 2002

Wrote devotions for a monthly Christian newspaper

Wrote articles for Boy Scouts events, Cotillion balls, and Middle and High
School Band concerts for the local newspaper.

Certifications, Education and Training:

Oakland High School (graduated 1976)
Middle Tennessee State University (1976-78)
South Florida Community College (2006)
Certified in ESOL through Baptist Association in Rome, GA (1991)
Certified in Laubach through Baptist Association in Rome, GA (1991)
Attended BJU homeschool week conference two different years and sat under the writers of their various curricula (1990 & 1998)
Trained at Grace Ministries International in Christian counseling -
Two day workshop followed by Five day Conference. (1999)

Awards and Honors:

High School: Beta Club, National Honor Society, Majorette, Student Council, various district awards in theater, Thespian, Math honor society, French Honor society, student directed one acts and musicals, Beta Club officer
College: President’s List last semester at SFCC with a 4.0 GPA

Personal Statement:

I have served for many years along side my husband at various churches where he served as Minister of Music, Youth, Education or Senior Pastor. I have led women’s Bible studies, written lessons and taught Adult Sunday school classes, led Children’s choirs, Mission Friends, and taught Senior High Sunday school. I have served as Committee Chairman for Cub Scouts, performed in musicals at area churches, done Community Theater, helped to organize outreach events with over 200 in attendance, and completed Faith training. I have been a volunteer worker for the Republican Party. I was pursuing my degree in Elementary education which has been interrupted due to my husband’s taking the position of Middle and High School Band director at Montgomery County. I am considering my options as to where to complete my degree at this time.

My youngest son is 13 and will be an eighth grader for this school year. My husband and I feel that this will be our last year to homeschool him because we are considering sending him to a Christian High school to complete this part of his education before he attends college.

I understand many special needs since I have had experience with learning disabilities in teaching my older son. My older son is now 23 and has been attending college for the past few years with a GPA of 3.0. We graduated him from homeschool high school when he was 19 and he chose to take a year off before attending college. While school is a challenge for him, I take extreme pleasure in the fact that he has already achieved more education than the professionals thought was possible for him when he was in public school. He attended public school for kindergarten and first grade. We were told that he would never be able to learn to read and write, graduate High School or sit in a college course. But, with God’s loving guidance, His supply of literary training for me, and Michael’s perseverance to overcome, our son has proven to the professionals that their testing and assessment of his skills were wrong.

I believe that our greatest gift to children is seeing them with the Father’s eyes and not through a test. We serve a great God who desires the best for His children. When I started home schooling my son, my prayer was that he would learn to read and comprehend the Word of God. God has more than answered that prayer. This past year, he won an award in Creative writing at his college.

The goal in education should be to help each child realize who he is in Christ. The verse: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,” should be written on the foreheads of all students. Academics should be strongly emphasized but knowledge without God’s wisdom is vain. I believe that teachers should demonstrate a high calling in their lives to seek after God by living a life that acknowledges his authority and grace.

After I turned in my resume, I was then asked to complete an application. Then, I was called to interview with the principal. She told me that she wanted to hire me to teach a class of 20 second graders. I was really astounded! The next step was an interview with the board.

In the meantime, my 13 year old son, wasn't handling the prospect of me working full-time. I finally trapped him and got him to talk to me and his dad. And, made a decision that the job could wait until I was done homeschooling Paul.

I called the principal and told her my decision. She was extremely understanding and told me that she has had to make the same choice in her life in regards to her children. She also told me that the school would be interested in me next year if I still wanted to teach!

The Chairman of the board called me later on that day, and told me that they were highly interested in me and asked if I would reconsider allowing the board to interview me. He told me that he was afraid since the board had taken to long to interview me, that I was thinking my lack of a four year degree was a problem. He assured me that they had checked on the legality of hiring me and that they could. He told me that all of them honestly felt that my life experiences made me the best person for this position - degree or no degree.

I cannot tell you what that did for my self-esteem.

But, the decision that I finally made was to continue to homeschool Paul and work on my degree.

Then, yesterday while at my husband's school, his Asst. Principal approached me about teaching some children piano lessons. I really didn't want to start teaching children in my home, again. So, I asked about using the bandroom (this is a public high school) on Monday afternoons at the school. I told her if she could help me line up 6 to 8 students that I would drive over to the school and teach them. She was thrilled and doesn't see a problem with me using the school for lessons!!! How cool is that!

So, here's my take on value. We are to do WHATEVER God puts in front of us with diligence and commitment. And, in due time, God will lift us to where He desires. A degree (I still want mine)or a job title shouldn't be the only objective in our life but being all that the Father desires and designs for our life.

We have made many a sacrifice along the road to homeschooling our boys. But, in the end, looking back down the road, I see God's hand. I tell others to look at who they are through God's eyes; yet, I forget to do that in regards to myself. Also, all of the ministry that I have done in the past has helped to mold me into the person that I am today. Ministry, especially where there is no pay, no glory, just work, can get difficult. Often, we can wonder WHY we are serving. We must keep our eyes on the goal that God has put before us which is to love Him and His children.

This lengthly post is trying to say basically one thing, "God will lift us up when we least expect it." Titles, positions, and paychecks can be enticing but in the end, doing the Will of God is all that matters. Our worth is found only in Him.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sunday evening.....

We visited First Baptist, again, this evening. We had a really nice time tonight. The Minister of Music, who has been at this church for 32, is moving into a different position, Exec. Asst. Pastor. Tonight the church had a special service to remember all he has done at his ministry. It was precious.

Afterwards, there was a fellowship. We chatted with lots of folks and some of the staff at the church. We have decided to try it again on another Sunday morning. Mark and I are really hoping to find a Sunday school class that we like. LOL

Paul is getting highly involved with the Youth at a Methodist church here in town. It's youth week all week at this church. The youth do service projects every morning all week, like raking yards, painting at the church. And then in the afternoon and evenings, they meet for fun stuff. Paul is pretty excited about the week. Two week from now, he is going on a retreat with this group and white water rafting. (be still my heart, that kind of scares ME!!!)

I'll try and post more pictures of my house tomorrow.


Monday, July 03, 2006

The move is complete!

Here are a few pictures of my new home. I am so grateful to be back in the lovely state of Georgia! Life seems to have moved forward without skipping a beat.

We have Michael just about enrolled in college. He has applied at Brewton Parker which is a small Baptist college. Mark is working on getting financial aid at this point and Michael has applied for some student loans.

Paul has made several friends. He has gotten active in a Methodist Youth group. The kids that we are meeting are all sweet and great. God really answered my prayer about sending Paul friends who are Christians and active in their church.

Mark has orderd and received the music for the High School marching band. He's written the first drill. This is a really small marching band. I am praying that he can grow it!

I am looking at options as to where I should attend college this coming year. Also, I was approached about teaching at a local Christian elementary school. I have put my application in for a second grade position and I am being interviewed this week.

I am really seeking God's will in all of this. I think that I would love teaching in a Christian school; however, I need to figure out exactly how this will effect Paul's schooling for this year. I have most of his curriculum ordered for his eighth grade year and he wants to homeschool this year, too. I am wondering if they hire me, if they will allow me to bring Paul a few days a week to the school and if Mark can carry him a couple of days, too.

I don't think that Paul would want to be here at the house all day - alone. :o(

But, I believe if this is going to happen then God will work all things out to the good.

I love my house. We are enjoying the floor plan except the cooking area in the kitchen is just too small. We are constantly getting in each other's way!

We have been visiting area churches and that is kind of cool. We never get to do that because usually Mark is on staff at a church and that's where we attend.

I am going to do some laundry and general cleaning. I want my house looking pretty for the fourth.