Saturday, July 23, 2005

Pictures of Friends!

The is Dee and Matt and the new baby. They are so sweet. Mark enjoyed metting Matt.

Me, Dee and the new baby girl!

Michael, Glenn, Paul, Mark, Rachel, and Taylor at New Echota.

Lauri's and my kids. I love the new Do's on Lauri's boys. LOL

This is my friend Deborah and four of her Seven children!!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Isn't over 40 fun?

Lately, I have been getting lovely emails asking me if I have bladder control problems. I always delete them and basically think, "I may be fat, have age spots, have active mono, Chronic Fatigue Syndrone and I might have Hodgkin's disease BUT at least, I don't pee my pants." Click, delete and those dang emails vanish.

Yesterday, I was fixing to take my shower and I sneezed. I sneeze all of the time. That's not unusual. But, this time it was different. I peed. I had NO control. I peed. I wanted to scream. I did say a quick prayer, "Please God, I don't want to buy diapers for me."

I told my 22 year old son want happened later in the day when we were going to the bank. His sweet reply, "Mom, that's just to gross and to much information. Change the subject."

I told my husband what happened. He stifled a laugh as I gave him an evil eye. He added, "Well, honey. I am sure that it was a one time incident. Don't worry about it."

I told him, "Mark it's happened TWICE today."

His loving response was, "Oh, hmmm, maybe you are waiting to long to go to the bathroom."


We went to the associational office and I told the secretary (she is a friend) about me sneezing and peeing. She laughed and said, "Well, join the club."

I told my best friend about it last night on the phone. Lauri sighed and told me she's been sneezing and peeing, too!!! But, she warned me that it can also happen when you LAUGH really hard.

Growing older has it's moments. I mean what will I get to do - trade in sanitary supplies (that you only need for 5 days a month) for Extra large diapers????

At least I have figured out why my grandmother always had such a large pocketbook. It was to carry her diapers. I am thinking that I should carry an extra pair of panties along with a zip lock bag in my pocketbook.

So, am I having fun, yet? NOT. But, I am developing a sick sense of humor.


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Our July 4th, 2005

Yesterday was The 4th of July. It was extremely HOT. Mark and Paul worked at the rodeo from 9 AM until 3 PM. They were both extremely tired when they got home due to the heat and sun. Michael worked until 5 PM.

I went grocery shopping and then came home and fixed a huge holiday meal.

Marsha and McKenzie came over at six for dinner.

This is a photo of Paul and McKenzie. She followed Paul around all evening. It was sweet. My heart always aches when I am around her.

We had a dinner of BBQ sandwiches, corn on the cob, green beans, deviled eggs, pickles, potato salad, and sweet tea. We had banana pudding and coffee for dessert.

Paul went with friends to shot off fireworks in the country. Mark and I took Marsha and McKenzie to the local firework show. It was FANTASTIC!! McKenzie kept saying, "Oh, it's prelly." (translate - pretty)

McKenzie started feeding my cat, Sweetie, her banana pudding. She would take a bite and then give the cat a bite. Well, I tried to add another photo but I can't get it to work. LOL

I'll post some more pictures above this Blog.


Monday, July 04, 2005

And, I thought this was a good idea.

I used to have a carport that we could park under but it has been taken over by my son and his friends. No longer a place to park my van it has become skateboard central.

When Mark and I decided to have Mark do Passport2Purity with Paul, we foolishly asked Paul what he wanted the fun activity to be with his dad. I was thinking an amusement park or something along those lines. No such luck. He wanted to build a half pipe. Mark reluctantly agreed; however, the half pipe turned into a launching ramp.

The pictures that are posted is the new and LOWERED launch ramp. ***sigh*** The higher ramp Launched the first teen to test it out into space. That was a pretty scary sight and YET, the other boys were still going to attempt to make it work. Finally, after many FALLS and smashes, they ended up sitting on their boards and riding down the ramp.

First thing the next morning, Mark LOWERED the ramp and life hasn't been the same. We have an average of 7 to 9 kids out there daily ranging in age from 12 to 16. Paul told me that we are the coolest parents in the neighborhood. I am wondering if this is a good thing coming from a kid who tried to move his tramp NEXT to the pool so he and his friends could jump into the water from the tramp?

Does anyone KNOW how loud 9 boys can get on a carport while skateboarding? Does anyone know HOW much food they can consume or cola they can drink? I do.

Does anyone know how terrible teens can smell after skateboarding for hours in the Florida heat?

But despite the noise, the smell, the chaos, I am so glad that these kids are here and not just out roaming around town. Our pool is well used, the carport no longer exist for cars, and the trampoline is a SAFE distance away from the pool. We are considered cool and if we can keep that relationship with our son and his friends over the next years, we might just survive adolescence with this kid!