Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Two Down and Counting....

I have completed my first two classes in my graduate program. I have to say that I was pleased with my grades. These were probably two of the hardest classes that I have ever taken: tons of reading, loads of writing, hideous tests, and huge final projects. I was thankful that I was still breathing at the end of the eight weeks. I have to keep pinching myself to make sure that I am finally pursuing a degree in theology. I really desired to get my bachelor degree in Christian studies but went the more practical route and got an elementary education degree. However, my love has always been studying and digging into the Word of God.

My first two classes were New Testament Orientation I and World Missions. I truly enjoyed New Testament Orientation and totally got into studying about the Intertestamental period. Now, World Missions was not my favorite class. Haha!

Today, as I was reading from my Systematic theology textbooks, I needed a dictionary. That really tickled me because I actually have a decent vocabulary. However, these textbooks are written on a high academic standard. So, I imagine old Webster and I will remain friends throughout this course.

I feel so blessed that I am able to begin working on this degree. When I was five years old I told my mother that I wanted to preach God’s Word. She laughed at me and told me that only boys got to preach. However, God has allowed me to share His message on more than one occasion. And, I have come to realize that He calls each of us to particular tasks and ministries. I am a Biblical teacher. I love to tear apart the scripture and get into the meat and message of the canon. I am so thankful that God called me to teach an Adult Sunday school class. I have been blessed to have been published in a monthly Christian newspaper in the past. Fortunately, my mom was wrong about little girls not being able to proclaim God's wonderful message to mankind.

Today, I will rejoice for the opportunity to study God’s glorious Word and praise Him for calling me to proclaim the message of Christ Jesus. Now, next week, I may be crying during a test; however, I will still praise Him!

Blessings to all,