Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Time for a post!!!

I have been busy the past two weeks. I started schooling Paul last week. We had school on Wednesday & Friday of last week and then started again yesterday. So, we have now officially completed 4 days of schooling. It's going pretty good. He is truly trying to be pleasant and keep a godly attitude.

I have been typing up an American History lecture for him daily and then he's answering questions from the BJU 8th grade history text. He is loving his Apologia General science - and so that's simply great. He's working hard in math and has a test tomorrow. Language Arts his is least favorite subject right now. He doesn't like the curriculum that I bought - but he will still have to use it.

I started teaching private piano yesterday. I am ONLY teaching one day a week. Mark has already had some more students asking him if I would take them on. But, I am already teaching to 7:00 PM on Monday nights. Paul came up to me late this afternoon and wanted to know WHEN I was leaving to teach. I told him that I was only teaching ONE day a week. He was happy about that news.

I have been doing a liquid type fast this week. I have survived 3 days. I am hoping to accomplish a few things during this fast. I want to jump start some weight loss but I am also trying to hear more clearly from God. I haven't decided how long my fast will last. I am eating smoothies, juices, soups, and small milk shakes. I am always amazed that I can totally stop chewing BUT I have problems staying on a regular reducing diet. I think that I am addicted to chewing. LOL

So, this is my little boring life right now.