Friday, June 04, 2010

Is it already June???

Time. We always think that we have time to do the next chore, prepare for the next event, make that phone call we have been meaning to make, write a little note to cheer someone but we often find ourselves scurrying around at the last minute to complete our task and the niceties of life seem to slip through our fingers. I have been thinking about time lately and I have decided that it’s not always our friend. When we are waiting for a joyous event to arrive, it takes far too long. And, when we are dreading an event or wishing for more time to prepare then Father Time races to that moment and we are plunged into a situation where we feel ill-at-ease and ill-prepared.

My seventeen year old told me that I never enjoy the moment but always look to the next task, obligation or event. He informed me, “Mom, I’ll complete a task and do a good job with it and instead of saying, ‘Great job, Paul,’ you tell me the next thing that I need to complete. You always have a list.” He thinks that I live my life on an agenda and that I am trying to run his with dates and deadlines. Perhaps, he’s right; however, often we have deadlines or we miss the mark.

My fear is that I’ll miss a deadline, so I do get caught up in the details and I am constantly racing to get everything completed. Our pianist at church told me Wednesday night that I did not have the ability to say, “No.” How has she figured that out about me in less than a year of knowing me?

Here’s what I know. I do not want to miss or overlook God’s calling in my life. I also want my family to be prepared for whatever the future holds for them. What Paul doesn’t seem to realize is that I am laid back for me! He doesn’t realize how I would really love to run this home.

So... those are my rambling thoughts as I am preparing to write a Bible study for next week. Of course, they have nothing to do with my study.