Friday, February 22, 2008


Although, I really enjoy TEACHING and will probably try to get a position for next year, I am trying to figure out how to fulfill my calling which includes being a Women's conference speaker and writer. I am in prayer.

I am planning on contacting a dear friend and a member of a church where we served at in Rome, GA who has this type of Ministry. I want to pick her brain and try to figure out my next steps.

If God leads me to take a teaching position next year to help out financially - I will do that without complaint. However, I have been very faithful in pursuing and nearly getting this degree which I fully believe God called me to do. When I started this degree, I was working on some devotions and wanting to really begin a speaking and teaching ministry.

However during all of that, I truly felt like I heard from my Father to FINALLY complete this degree that I had started so many years ago. I think that He led me to do this for a couple of reasons. First, I have always felt like a failure because I never completed my college degree. There was a deep need within me that God knew and understood me and those feelings. Secondly, I believe that He instructed me to go to school in order to prove Himself strong in my life.

I have tried to remain positive. When I was originally supposed to start (I had enrolled and paid) Paul had a severe asthma attack and was airlifted to an out-of-town hospital. I had to begin the following January instead of that August. One of my friends wondered if God was telling me that He didn’t want me to pursue this degree. That suggestion pained me. My God will use circumstances to direct us but He is never the author of evil. I felt that Satan was attacking my son, family and me.

I know beyond all that is in me, that God has literally carried me through this degree. He has given me wisdom and time and a husband who has supported me tremendously. He (God) may want me to teach school. Yet, I know the desire of my heart and I believe that God will open doors and windows and direct me as to exactly how He is going to fulfill my calling. I also believe that God puts those desires within us if we stay at one with Him.

If not for my faith and my dear husband’s faith, this family and our marriage would not have survived. Yet, we have survived and our marriage is a strong testament to God’s grace and His love. I think that God can use my life to speak to and bless other women about His faith and strength when all seems lost.

Right now, I am waiting. Waiting to see where God opens doors. The high school principal has told Mark that he would hire me but I would have to take more GACE tests to get certified in High School. That is an option. I know that there will be positions open in the elementary schools in my area. Those are options. But, I am hoping and praying that God opens now the windows of heaven and allows me to begin a ministry as a conference speaker and teacher.

I have even thought about applying at some local churches to see if they need a Minister of Education. I am waiting.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Beginning to see the LIGHT!!

The past two days have been extremely productive for me in the way of school papers! I have managed to write and submit four papers which were nearly forty pages of writing. My grades were posted this morning and I have passed all the assignments with good grades and nice comments. I have two more Teacher Work Samples to prepare and write. After those last two are graded, I will be able to load everything into my portfolio.

Tomorrow, I plan on writing up my Science Unit that I am doing with my class for the next couple of weeks. It should be fun and I hope that they will enjoy it. And, I have to plan my all of my lessons (that I will be teaching) for at least the next week.

Paul is playing in a concert tonight. Maybe, I'll remember my camera and post some pictures tomorrow. His band is doing a spaghetti supper fund raising today.

Michael has started editing his short film that he wrote and directed over at his college. I can't wait to see it. It's supposed to be about 5 minutes long. I think that he told me that he still have to film the last scene.

Well, I guess I need to just start writing after I compile all of this data from the post assessment.

Blessings to ALL!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

So, how many assignments have I completed today?

NONE!!! Ugh! Yesterday was a busy day with church and then having to drive back to Twin City for the Valentine Banquet. We got home last night after 9 PM.

Today, I went to the orthodontist and then to the dentist and then got my nails done. (LOL, I guess the nails were a fun thing for me to do but not a necessary thing!) I came home and talked with my College Adviser. Mark had a doctor's appointment this afternoon to get his blood pressure checked and our PA put him on a diet. Maybe, both of us will lose weight.

My dentist office called and wanted to know if I could get Paul there real quick because they had a cleaning cancellation. I had to cancel Paul's cleaning two weeks ago when he was so sick. So, we rushed back to the dentist and he got his teeth cleaned. He needs the bottom wisdom teeth pulled and one filling, so I scheduled two more appointments for him.

Now, I am home. I rented "Becoming Jane". After my Cohort call tonight, I plan on watching it. I hope it's good. I guess today was my real day off. Well, I did talk through some lesson plans with Lauri for my science unit. I tried calling my friend, Deborah during the day on Saturday, but her line stayed busy for hours. I wonder if it was busy or taken off the hook? LOL Deborah is a homeschooler and she had offered to give me some suggestions for this unit that I am working on for my First graders.

I was very glad to talk with Gay, my Adviser. She really assured me about my teaching practices and strategies. She has been reading my Reflections and KNOWS what I am up against with my Clinical Supervisor.

I have been battling either depression or sadness or disappointment. I tried to talk with Mark and his advise, though godly, didn't help me. I am struggling with lots of feelings of longings and hopes and dreams that haven't or will never be fulfilled. I am hoping to spend some time in the Word this week. I have been so busy lately, I haven't been studying and mediating except when it's my turn to teach the Adult Sunday school class. Perhaps, my depression stems from being out of deep prayer and study with my Father. Mark keeps telling me to enjoy the journey and that is normally my stance on life. However, with so many changes and seasons changing in my life right now, I am struggling with this journey.

I had so hoped for a great Student Teaching experience and that's simply not the case. I have stayed stressed out and on edge most days. That really wasn't my plan. My students seem to love me and I know that I love and pray for all of them. Perhaps, God is wanting me to just focus on them and forget trying to please the clinical supervisor. I am tired of jumping through hoops only to be slapped.

Well, I am going to find the phone number for my Cohort call. Perhaps, I will hear a Word from God and be changed. If anyone read this cry-baby post, I should send you some chocolate.


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Winter Break

I am thrilled because I do not have to Student Teach next week. The elementary school is on winter break. I do have six involved college tasks to submit and 12 reflections for my Cohort class. I find that the Cohort call and reflections are a waste of precious time. I also have to write up some lesson plans for school and prepare and write this science unit that I will be teaching. So, while I get a break from daily teaching, I will be staying extremely busy.

Monday I have an orthodontist and dentist appointment. Fun.

Mark is off this next week, too. I hope that we can steal away for a few lunches out during the week.

I have completed the first six weeks of Student Teaching and I am SO very glad.

Paul played in his very first official soccer game this morning. Mark and I were there to cheer on our Jr. Varsity team. They lost. But, it was still cool to see them play. The first half of the game, our team seemed out of rhythm. However, the last half of the game they really came together and did a tremendous job.

My favorite show is back on television - LOST!!! It's my little escape from reality.

Well, I need to run. I hope everyone had a sweet Valentine's day.


Friday, February 08, 2008

Update on me.

This has been a busy several weeks. I began my Student Teaching on January 7, 2008. The principal placed me with a kindergarten teacher. I really enjoyed this teacher and her class; however, my college does not accept kindergarten placements. He left me there for one week and then placed me in a first grade classroom.

Totally different styles and personalities of the students and the teachers but I am enjoying my class. My new host teacher is a sweetie and I really like her. Mark taught two of her sons in his Middle school band last year. Her husband is Homeschooling them this year. She is a Christian and so we share a common faith.

I have 16 students in my class and while some are super sweet, a couple of them know how to try your patience. LOL There are ten boys and six girls in my class. I have been teaching math for the last three weeks and doing the morning routine. The past two weeks, I have been teaching Language arts and this week the editing (morning message) and Social Studies was added to my responsibilities.

I think that it is going okay except my Clinical Supervisor stresses me out completely. Most of the teachers have told me that she does this to all of them. Sigh. WGU pays for someone to be my Clinical Supervisor (from my INCREASED tuition during Student Teaching) and the college allows the principal to choose the person if he/she wants. WGU recommends a retired classroom teacher. My principal chose his Curriculum Specialist.

I have completed three of my six observations with her. Y’all will hear me scream when I don’t have to deal with her anymore. My host teacher has told me that I am doing a great job. And, I appreciate her support and encouragement.

Paul and I both have been sick this week. So not fun. I went to work yesterday morning only to have to leave. I went to our PA and he put me on some meds and hopefully, I will be on the mend and feeling good by sometime this week-end.

I have several papers to write for my college Cohort and class. I also have to write up my two week unit to go into my Portfolio. I am also writing a two week science unit. My friend, Lauri, has given me some great suggestions for that unit. As I have my students do it, I will post pictures.

Well, I need to go and lay down.