Thursday, July 20, 2006

Packing up a son!

I am so grateful that God has allowed me to raise Michael and Paul. I have loved watching them grow and mature. Both of my sons love Christ and are very kind to others. That blesses me to see.

Paul is going on a retreat tomorrow. He's leaving at 7 AM and will not be back home until Monday evening. Now, this boy has been going to Boy Scout camp for the past two years but his dad has always attended because Mark was a leader in troop. However, my baby will not have mom or dad with him for this Youth retreat. It's like another right of passage. I know he's more than ready to go and fly on his own but I still see that little boy whose hand used to be so small. I remember a time when he wanted mommy as his constant companion but those times are nothing but sweet cherished memories. He's growing up. That once small hand that could get lost in my hand is now bigger than mine.

I am still needed but not to rock him to sleep and go outside and catch butterflies but as the taxi service, cook, or the laundry maid! This morning, I have been doing his laundry for this retreat. A huge sleeping bag fills the washer. T-shirts and jeans slow turn in the dryer. I want his stuff to smell clean and remind him of home and his mom.

I worry. I worry that he'll have an asthma attack and ignore it. I worry that he'll get hurt white water rafting. I just worry. "God has not given us a spirit of fear but of love, peace and a sound mind," plays over in my head as I ready his belongings. That scripture sinks in and settles my heart.

I want to tell my baby not to go but rather just to stop and be still. And, let me cement into my mind this moment in his life which is all too quickly stepping over the realm of childhood into manhood.

Well, the mom (or rather the maid) needs to fold some laundry. There has been enough reflection on the past. Today is a new day and with God's grace, I will rejoice as I watch this son turn into a godly young man.



TXArtcGal said...

((((Debbie)))) It is hard...but, you have given him a good foundation, and a good heart!! Keep busy, and the time will zip by!!

Hey! When you're done with his laundry..want to do mine? I only have two more loads (and, I HATE doing whites!)...

Have a great day!

p.s. I haven't lost weight, in fact I'm gaining!! I don't know WHY I don't lose weight! I never eat anything fattening, I don't snack, AND I don't eat helping after helping. I am HUGE!!...I guess God just likes me fat.

Debbie B said...

I am surprised that you aren't losing! I am going on a liquid fast for a few days to HELP me get my chewing under control.


My shorts are so tight today!