Monday, June 27, 2005

It's almost the END of JUNE!!!

This is Paul receiving his First Class before he went to Boy Scout camp. His dad is on the left. Paul is the center and another Scout Leader is on the end.

Where has the time flown? I can't believe that it's nearly July. Paul and Mark had a great time at Boy Scout camp. It rained the entire week; so, everything was soaking wet and smelling when they came home.

Mark also did the Passport2Purity with Paul last week. Paul's fun bonding activity was to build a quarter pipe together. Well, the quarter pipe turned into a large launch ramp. They made it way to high and had to re-do it the next day.

Paul's attitude towards us has been changed since the Passport2Purity adventure with his dad. He is growing up into a pretty well-rounded young man. I will try and post some pictures of camp and the launch ramp later. :o)

We go on vacation in a few weeks. Well, it's not really a vacation it's visiting out of state relatives and friends in GA, KY, and TN.

I am still having health issues. Gosh, this makes me feel so old. I never thought that I would feel this way for such a length of time.

I'll try and post more later.