Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Day has gone....

But, thankfulness continues.

It was just the four of us for this Thanksgiving and that was probably a good thing because I ended up totally exhausted and rather ill for three days afterwards. But, I so enjoyed Michael being home from college, Mark being off work and Paul actually hanging with his family more than normal. It was nice to be with all my guys.

A picture of my Guys!

Mark and Michael put plastic up on the screened-in-porch and we created a dining room out there for the holidays. Mark and I decorated out there and moved my cherry table out on it, too. The cats do not like having their stuff moved to the garage but they will have to adjust.

The Sjogren's has been giving me fits with foggy brain - which is disconcerting to say the least. I did some research and found out that this is normal... hahaha! Great. I was sort of hoping it was from all the drugs that I am taking right now.

After three days of being really sick with a severe headache, major eye issues and other stuff.... today I felt somewhat better. My eyes have been cooperating today and I was able to work on some school papers. This was a blessing since I need to get them turned in this week. I have been putting Systane drops in a lot more often. I think that this is helping with the mucus filaments and pain.

I did tell Mark that he needed to get a stand-by to sing my solo for the Christmas cantata at church because, well, I am not sure how I'll be doing. I have been having more not so good days than good days lately. And, I want to try and really pace myself so that I will have a good Christmas. I hope that I get to sing the solo but have decided that I will not mourn (too much) if I can't do it. Perhaps, God is wanting to allow someone else the opportunity to praise Him.

November is a hard month for me and that may be why I haven't been doing so good. Bobby turned 29 on November 16. While I try not to dwell on it and grieve that fact that we have missed his last 22 birthdays.... I know that all of those feelings and emotions are right there under the surface. I hope his day was filled with joy and I continue to pray that God will touch his heart and encourage him to contact us.

I am thankful for our family and friends. I am thankful for this holiday season that ushers in Advent and the time to celebrate our Savior's birth. Oh, I have my Advent wreath set up... but forgot to get the candles. sigh. Advent began yesterday. I am thankful that Advent isn't dependent upon my remembering to buy the candles but dependent upon our Savior's gift!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

He passed his Board of Review!!!

Mark and Paul before ready to leave the house.


Paul passed his Eagle Board of Review. We are so proud of him. His packet is being sent off to National. When it gets back, we can start planning his Eagle ceremony.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Finally arrived....

Paul's Eagle Board of Review is tonight. He says he's not nervous but his momma is! Years of hard work - sweating, building, learning and growing from a young boy into a young man. I love this son. I am thankful.

Mark is off tonight! Wow!! No Friday night band but tomorrow he has a parade. We will enjoy this evening and just get to be together and drink coffee and share dreams. I love this man!

Michael is nearing the end of this semester. He has had to work so hard in school with his dyslexia; yet, he has that never give up attitude. I love this son.

Life continues during the joys, during the sorrows, during our all. One must look to our Father with expectation and realize that He is working in our lives - always.

I am thankful.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Not so good news at the Eye doc...

Well, my vision is now getting worse. And, the mucus filaments are coming back. So, he increased all of my drops both the tears and the compound. Dr. told me that I will probably not know for at least a year if any of my function in making tears and saliva is actually returning.

Tuesday, my rheumatalogist told me that we may know in another six weeks if my immune system is shutting down and not attacking all of my other systems. So, I am still in the waiting game. The new drug is making me ill. Fun. But, hopefully, I'll get used to it in a few weeks.

Tonight, we attended our first Christmas party of the season. The Daniel Baptist Association held the dinner for the ministers in our area. The food was wonderful and the company was great! I met the pastor's wife at Higgston Baptist and we had a LONG talk. She has Sjogren's, too and has been dealing with it for years. It was wonderful to talk to someone who actually understood what I am going through. We exchanged contact information and plan on getting together.

Anyway, sorry for a down post. I could really use prayers.


Monday, November 01, 2010

My friend, Nanette, was here this week-end

We had a lovely time.

Anyway, she got here around 4 on Friday afternoon. I had been grocery shopping with Paul and I had gotten back and put everything up and put the chicken in to roast. When Nanette got here... she made the MOST wonderful chicken soup.

Then we visited and went to shopping. We went to Bealls and I bought some really pretty Christmas cards and a Christmas candle. Nanette started her Christmas shopping for her mom and sisters.

Then, we went to Wally World... and After seeing my roaster.... it's like.... oh...... major old and horrible.... She BOUGHT me a NEW roaster with a lid and a rack!!! I am SO excited!!! She shouldn't have done it.... but, I am KEEPING it. I can't wait to use it.

She bought more groceries. She made waffles Saturday for brunch. She got stuff to make tuna pasta salad for Saturday and she made us shepherd's pie for Sunday. However, Saturday evening, I remembered that yesterday at church was staff appreciation Sunday and the church did a meal. So, I will be using the the Shepherd's pie for dinner today.

She left Saturday afternoon. I wish she could have stayed longer. We caught up with her children and grandchildren. Her and Bob's children are all married and either have lovely children or are expecting them!! It's exciting to see how wonderful they have all turned out.

We met in 1987 at SBTS. I love her and her family. When we lived in FL, we spent many a holiday with her mom, dad and sisters' families... even when Nanette and Bob couldn't be there. God was so good to me in supplying me with new family after my children were kidnapped. Nanette and her entire family have always, always blessed us.

Anyway.... I love her like a sister!

The dinner at church was wonderful We probably have the best cooks in the world. It was a good day. Betty, our pianist at church, organized a skit that was so funny. Also, her son and family came and sang during our service. I student-taught with Kim, her daughter-in-law, and it was so good to see her.

Saturday night, I had not gotten any sleep. I was up with my eyes in pain every hour. Finally, yesterday I increased it using the mucus mist script up another dose. I will tell my eye doctor that on Thursday. By, yesterday at around 3, I couldn't see because both eyes were so red and blurred. However, the script did wonders and they improved greatly by last night.

After being up and going and honestly it felt GOOD to be out, I wanted to get to do things with Nanette. She kept telling me to sit down; but, the predisone deceives me into believing that I feel okay by last night my knees felt like jelly! I stayed on the sofa with them propped up. They still feel weak right now. But, the predisone should kick in a bit.

Today, I hope to get an assignment done for school. It's a word study. I have already started it. It should be interesting.

Mark has a long day; well, actually he had a long week. Paul needs to get his work packet down to GameStop and pick up his Eagle notebook today. I saw Michael at church yesterday.

So, that's a run down on my week-end. I feel blessed.

Oh, tomorrow is VOTING!!! Go vote!!