Sunday, February 20, 2011

The power of prayer

Today, a Nigerian gentleman from my Sunday school class prayed for me after church. Mark, Emmanuel, and I met in Mark's office. As he prayed, the Holy Spirit filled that small office. What transpired in that room cannot be explained by my finite words. However, I know that prayer was heard in the very throne room of heaven. And, I believe with full faith that God graciously answered, "Yes."

So, now I await the physical manifestation of what has already transpired in the spiritual realm.

To God be the Glory,

Friday, February 11, 2011

Something to ponder ...

Since having to take all of these nasty medications, my once thick hair has thinned a bit. Even with reducing the drugs my hair follicles are extremely loose and my hair simply falls out throughout the day. I find that I am slowly growing accustomed to the shedding dog look but seriously doubt I’ll ever get used to eating my hair which enjoys falling out in my food. Even though I know it’s my hair and it’s clean, I am grossed out when I find it tangled in my food which is now in my mouth. My normal habit is to walk over to the trash can and spit the food out. If I realize that my lost hair has taken up residence on my plate, I will make myself a new plate of food.

Yet, this morning the verse “All things work together for the good...” took on a new and revised meaning for me. I have been praying, “God, please help me get this weight off. God, please let my prednisone moon-shaped face find cheekbones in the land of the living. God, please take away my desire to eat.” After my prayer sheepishly offered over a bowl of oatmeal and raisins, a light bulb moment flared in my brain.

Unfortunately, sometimes God has to use a flash of lightning to obtain my unfocused attention. I have been praying, “Lord, make me thin,” all the while finding comfort in food. I have been praying, “Lord, tighten up the old hair follicles.” Perchance, God is using these two requests to prompt me. Could God be giving me a signal to stop eating when I find hair in my mouth? Eureka, a new revelation of God’s intimate leading in my life.

So, that’s my deep probing thought and interpretation of scripture for the day. Some may determine that my theological prowess is lacking in substance. Nonetheless, I find this new insight intriguing and deserving of honor. So, positioned under “the point is” magnet on my refrigerator is my new mantra, “Stop eating when your hair falls into your food.”

Be blessed,

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Musings about the book ....

During our interview with Holly Bounds last week, we told her that we were outlining a book which we hope to write this summer. Preliminary plans are to share our experience about the kidnapping with transparency. Luckily, I kept journals off and on during those first years. When I peruse some of those writings, I am astounded that we continued to function, raise a son, and adopt another one. We were fortunate in that our faith in Christ remained constant.

While we experienced periods of discouragement, ultimately His sustaining sovereignty provided us with strength and joy compelling us to move forward in our lives and family. In our present condition, God’s faithfulness and love for us is measureable by finite human standards; however, during the early years of sorrow, my faith faltered similar to a baby’s first steps. Now, I realize that like a caring parent encouraging his child to learn to walk, all the while standing closely by his side, God was training me how to walk in a new direction. His design for me was to walk in a way which would magnify the glory of His holiness.

Of course, there are times when we fall and bruise our knees but our loving Father bandages our wounds. He has patiently cradled me during my times of forsakenness, sorrow, pain and tantrums as a parent holds his inconsolable child. These are the moments that I want to share with other aching Christians. All will experience tragedy, sorrow, or illness in our lives. None are immune from the influences of this fallen world. But, each of us can stand with security and hope if we continue to stay the course the Father has set before us. We plan to share God’s embracing arms and His healing salve that enable His children to find joy and peace during times of unfathomable sorrow.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Here are some photos of Christi and Bobby....

Photos from the past of children who are now adults. They bring me both joy and sorrow. Still trusting the God of Psalm 126:5, "They that sow in tears shall reap in joy." Believing that someday we'll sit with our children and share blessed memories from their childhood.

Birthday Time... Christi, Momma, and Mandy Lee

Ashley and Bobby

Christi, Ashley, and Michael

Christi with puppy

Daddy, Bobby, and puppy

Christi, Momma and Bobby

Bobby, Michael and Christi

Easter Baskets! Christi, Michael and Bobby

Cousins... Bobby, baby Jonathan, Mandy Lee, Christi, baby Michael

Thursday, February 03, 2011

This is the 2 year anniversary of Christi and Bobby being found.

This is what my children looked like when they were stolen.

Faith - the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not see....

There are days when the sorrow over Christi and Bobby not contacting us is nearly unbearable. I thought by now they would have wanted to see us. Yet, they remain silent and my hearts continues to break. I try not to dwell on the sorrow and focus instead on the blessings in my life. When I allow the pain to surface even breathing hurts.

My handsome son, Bobby.

My beautiful, Christi.

I have prayed this scripture for 22 years...
Isaiah 49:22b "And they will bring your sons in their bosom, and your daughters will be carried on their shoulders."

Oh, we did an interview last week which aired February 3. Here's the link to it: Interview with Holly Bounds @ WSAV TV