Saturday, July 22, 2006

Photos of Paul's room

This is Paul's room. I thought that I had better take advantage of him being on a youth retreat to get a few shots of his room while it was clean! That one picture is looking into his side of the bathroom. That's his sink. If you continue into that room, his closet is opposite his vanity and the tub and toilet area are located in the middle room. Michael's sink and closet are on the other end.



TXArtcGal said...

They each have their own sink?! How cool is that?!! Is it a jack-and-jill bathroom? I wish Kristen had her own bathroom!

Debbie B said...

Yes, they both have their own sink. There is a middle room, with doors on each end, that has the toilet, linen closet, and tub.

Is that a jack-and-jill bathroom?


I love them having their OWN bathroom. We have a 1/2 bath off the kitchen area for guests. It's so much easier to keep that bathroom clean than theirs!

TXArtcGal said... far as I know, that is a Jack-n-Jill bathroom! I always remember the bathroom from The Brady Bunch when I hear that term! LOL!

We have only one bathroom...and, what we use is what the guests have to use! I always pray anybody that visits doesn't have to use the facilities! LOL!

Debbie B said...

Yep, we have lived in places with only one bathroom, too. I always kept windex and paper towels in them for a quick clean up when unexpected guests showed up. :O)