Friday, July 09, 2010


One of my best friends, actually my sister by choice and not by birth, just left with her precious daughter after coming and visiting for a few days. We spent time at the beach, ate wonderful food, and pampered ourselves with going and having pedicures and manicures. All in all, it was a good visit just too short. As she drove out of my driveway, I realized that I am so blessed by the amazing people my God has put into my life.

Pampered Feet..... No wait.... three pampered feet and one man foot!!

Yesterday, while Lauri, Rachel and I were at the beach, my husband fell off a ladder while re-screening our back porch. He did not call and let me know that he was injured. When we came strolling in after 11 PM, I found out that he was hurt and had not gone to the doctor’s. He had a horrible night with much pain and very little sleep. This morning, he was still not making any attempt to go get checked out. I finally called the doctor’s office and made him an appointment. The office was able to work him into their schedule within forty-five minutes from my call. So, Paul, graciously, jumped into the shower and took his dad. Mark was still insisting that he didn’t really need to go see the doc. Well, after an examination and x-ray, Mark discovered he had broken his clavicle.

I asked Mark why in the world he hadn’t called me and let me know that he had fallen off a ladder and his reply, “Honey, I didn’t want to spoil your time with Lauri.” Honestly, I love this man so very much but if he wasn’t injured, I would probably have to smack him silly!! Hasn’t he realized that I adore him and that I NEED to know important things like he might have injured himself by falling off a ladder?

And, just for the record, if I, the big baby, had fallen off a ladder, I would be crying and calling my husband to come home immediately! That’s a major difference in the two of us. He’s nicer than me!

Okay, on to more news. I have been loving my Tuesday night Bible study. I hope my ladies are enjoying it and learning because I get so much out of writing and teaching these lessons. Michael is enjoying living on campus this summer. He has been busy working and attending college classes. He is scheduled to graduate this coming May with a degree in Film Studies with an emphasis on script writing. He absolutely loves this field. I am waiting to see how God uses him in this industry upon graduation.

Well.... I have rambled on about several non-related topics... let’s see... Toby is getting bigger and is just precious. Paul is hoping to start working on his Eagle Project next week.

Paul and Rachel.... Growing up way too fast!!