Saturday, March 14, 2009

How to Pray

There are some situations where I really do not know how to pray. Words fail me and occasionally my thoughts are not what I need to express in prayer. I find at those times, I am at a crossroad. On one hand, I know that the Father already knows all of my conflicting thoughts and emotions. Reason would tell me that I can just let it all out in prayer and that He will understand.

On the other hand, while I believe that to be true I wonder if He is allowing me to travel through a situation to test my character. Possibly, these are times to discover if I will actually recall scripture on how to pray when people disappoint, wound, or slander me.

Here lies the decision that I have to make at this junction. How am I supposed to pray for myself and those that have caused me conflict? In thinking of scripture, I should probably pray, “Father, forgive them,” or “Father, help me in my affliction to be a reflection of you.”

While this is easy advice to give to others, it is often intimidating when I am faced with employing it in my own life. After all, God knows if I have forgiven those for whom I am praying. He knows the condition of my heart. Perhaps, the testing is transpiring in my heart. Will I pray and act in such a way that proves I have faith during these times? Will I pray for God to forgive a person who is acting in an unrighteous manner believing that He will give me a heart of true forgiveness for them, too?

God does not have a problem with forgiving an offense. I am the one that battles in this area. Consequently, I am reminded that I must crucify the flesh in order to be a more pleasing likeness of Christ. I am called “to take up His cross” and not despair over the physical trappings and heartaches of the present age. I am to look with anticipation toward an eternal future. When I do this, the conflicts of this world are put into a proper perspective and I am free to live without condemnation.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Listening to God

I guess because I have had a slow day of just being home and doing various chores, God was able to speak to me. Well, in reality He is always speaking to me but some days I hear Him better.

Today was such a day. I heard from my Father. Joy. I began to truly sense His abiding presence with me today and it has been a blessed gift. While I know that He is always with me, there most assuredly are times when I feel His Being in a more complete way. I am usually doing the mundane or ordinary like washing the dishes, brushing my teeth, or ironing. Often while doing those mindless tasks, my own thoughts take a hike off to “never, never land” and then ever so quietly, God enters the room and I begin to hear from my amazing Father.

God has never spoken to my spirit in a whirlwind or thunder storm. He speaks to me in the stillness. He comforts me with His peace. He carries me in His arms that are tender yet strong. How good He is to his frightened, worried daughter. He knows all my thoughts, all my hopes, all my fears. He knows me and He is able to draw me to Him and guide me through this season of my life

He spoke to my spirit. He began a conversation. And, I was astounded and amazed that He stopped and came to me today. I am about to begin an amazing journey in ministry. Mark’s calling will be made manifest along with mine.

God gave us a heart for a certain area of ministry 16 years ago and I believe that God is getting ready to open some doors and allow that desire to be fulfilled. Mark asked me if God had given me any directions and I told him that I thought that He wanted us to spend some time writing but honestly, I think God told me to stand back and be amazed which is an extremely hard thing for me to do.

I am used to rolling up my sleeves and working. I am not used to watching. But, I believe that God is going to amaze us.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Just because I needed to post something fun.....

I found this photo of Paul and Mandi Kay on her Facebook account. It made me smile. So, I wanted to share it. I haven't been smiling a lot lately but this photo made me laugh. I am so thankful that I have this sweet son in my life. He brings me such joy. Mandi Kay is a good friend of his. Paul stayed with the Kay's when Mark and I were in California hoping to see our Christi and Bobby.