Monday, January 02, 2012

Christmas 2011!

We couldn't get everything in the car, so we opened a few gifts and took a couple of pictures before heading up to Lauri's.



Michael, Mark, and Paul

Christmas eve at Lauri's with all of us and her parents.

Sitting: Vern, Joyce, and Lauri
Standing: Me and Mark

Group Photo Christmas Eve
Sitting: Glenn, Aaron, and Taylor
Standing: Michael, Rachel, Paul, and Deborah

Mark and me

Paul, me, Mark, and Michael

Lauri, me and Michael

Paul, Lauri, and Taylor

I wanted to get some family pictures. Lauri helped us out.

Paul, Mark, Me, and Michael - posting for a Family picture.

Paul, me,Toby, and Michael

Our final Christmas celebration was with Lynda Talmadge.

Me and Lynda Talmadge

Me, Lynda, and Mark

Me, and Mark

Lynda and Mark

We had a nice Christmas this year. I just wanted to add a few photos!