Saturday, March 05, 2011

A blog about nothing....

I have nothing important to say but I still needed to write - something besides research papers. Something that doesn't require perfect grammar and spelling or a thesaurus!

I am almost done with this class - 8 more DVD lectures, about 20 hours of reading and the final and by next Friday I'll be done. Then, I have a break for 10 days before my next one starts.

I have been reducing my prednisone, so I hope that means I'll start losing some weight. I can't believe that I look like this when I have to be up in front of people. It is sort of depressing. Oh, well... I went and bought some fat clothes today. I just tried to not look at the sizes!

Here's my amazing discovery when buying larger clothes. I could either buy hideous large BRIGHT prints... or ..... black/gray. So, you guessed it, I only bought gray and black stuff. I did get a couple of solid pink tanks to wear under the black and gray stuff.

I have Paul's Eagle invites made! I just have to type up the mailing labels. That makes me happy. I don't think that Michael has ordered his graduation announcements.

My eyes are doing so much better - most of the time. That's a blessing,

Michael is home this week on spring break. I hope to go to the movies with him later on in the week. His birthday is next Saturday.

Well.... that's about all the boring stuff that I can think of to write.

Be Blessed!!