Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Paul is now 17...

Raising Paul has been such an amazing blessing. He has an infectious personality which draws folks to him. I will forever remember the day he came into our home. And, I will forever thank God for Carol, the caseworker, who matched this family with our son. As I think back on those days, it’s amazing to watch how God worked all things together for the good in giving us another son.

Last Tuesday our boy turned seventeen. I imagine that he thinks he’s nearly grown but I watch with anticipation to witness the avenues that God will use to continue to mold this young man into His image and to create in Paul a heart wholly sold out to Christ.

I have seen some amazingly magnificent wonders that the Father has created. I have flown the span of our country and viewed and walked in the Appalachian, Ozark and Rocky Mountains. I have seen the ocean waves of the Atlantic and the Pacific and tasted the salty waters. I have played in the white sands on the gulf coast.

I have also seen, heard and read many wondrous works that God’s children have created. I have driven on the Golden Gate Bridge and was privileged to see the Twin Towers while they stood. I have heard music that has to have caused the angels to weep from the sheer beauty of it.

Yet, as I think on all of these incredible memories, I realize that nothing in my life has given me as much pleasure as being a mother and watching my children grow into the people that they were created to be when first formed in God’s mind. Watching my children take their first steps was far more incredible that standing on the Golden Gate Bridge. Hearing my children speak their first words was finer music than all the orchestras that I have ever heard.

So today, I celebrate my youngest son, Paul. I celebrate his life and the life that God continues to give him. Daily, I thank God for the most perfect gift – the gift of being a mom.

Family portrait: Paul at 5 years old.

Paul at 17.

Paul and Elizabeth on his birthday.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Oppsssss.... I guess I haven't posted in a bit.

Man, I check on blogs that I follow usually at least once a week. I often wonder why certain people haven't updated their blog. And, sort of - kind of want to leave them a message to POST a new blog. Really, how dare they leave me hanging!!

Today, I looked at my date and it's been a while since I posted. However, I don't think that my blog is followed much and it doesn't bother anyone SO that lets me off the proverbial "hook" of not being a diligent blogger.

Let's see.... School for Paul is going pretty good. He's NOT doing his chemistry like he should, so I am considering buying Lifepacks for him instead of the Apologia which I bought and paid for. Grrrr. His Chalkdust math is coming along nicely! Great program which I got used at a great price!!! His favorite subjects would be Psychology and music.

Paul, Mandi (a friend of Paul's) and I went up to Calhoun/Rome, GA near the end of August to see Taylor off before he left for Sweden to attend Bible College for a year. I also got to see another dear friend, Deborah and her new children recently adopted from Ghana!

I had a wonderful visit with Deborah. I forget how much I enjoy her until I get to spend time with her and then find myself missing her terribly. Her children are all growing up into such fine young women. It was been a blessing watching them grow and excel.

I am going to try and post a few photos from that trip.

The Three Beauties - I know everyone is jealous of this LOOK! (Me, Deborah & Lauri)!

Deborah, Marigrace, Whitney Faith, Leah Joy & Hope

Wil, two fast moving youngones, & T.L.

Hope, Jubilee, Jessie, & Marigrace

Lauri's folks: Vern & Joyce; and Taylor, Paul, & Mandi

Celebrating Taylor's 19th Birthday!

The Group: Standing L to R: Paul, Rachel, Lauri, Taylor, me, Mandi, Deborah (Aaron's girlfriend), Front: Glenn with Aaron sitting on him.

Our lovely and smart boys.... a very refreshing view of them.

Taylor, Glenn, & Aaron.... GO!!!