Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunday Morning.....

It's a beautiful day outside. Mark is holding church in the living room. But, I am sitting here in the breakfast room at the computer. I think that I over did it this week. I am extremely tired and last night I noticed that the glands in my neck are swelling - again! Of course, Mark is now worried about me. He has told me that I cannot lift or do anything today. I cannot get mono, again. It looks like we will be moving around June 5 instead of the end of the month like we had planned.

I think that I am going to drop all of my classes. I am going to try to study for the first geology test and see if I can take it on Monday or Tuesday. I really don't see anyway that I can get the Pyschology class done and pack before we move.

Anyway, my sweet husband, didn't want me coming into church this morning. He doesn't want me to rush around or do anything today. I get so mad at my body when it decides to act sick! Honestly, I do not understand why I get mono over and over again.

I am seriously thinking about trying to go TOTALLY vegetarian after we move for 3 or 4 months and see if my health improves. I have got to get healthy and STAY that way. I may even go ahead and buy a wheat grinder, too.

Mark thinks that I do too much - but he never says anything until after the fact. I knew this week was going to be hard on me.

I washed probably 10 huge loads of clothing to sell at the garage sale and hardly NONE of it sold. I didn't get everything sized - but I did have general sizes together and boys or girls stuff seperated and everything smelled good and looked nice. I think that I needed to display it differently. I had all the children's clothing in NINE of those clear plastic containers. Oh, well. Mark is going to haul it down to a ministry. We made about $318.00.


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TXArtcGal said...

Hmmmm...I could swear (no really swear), that I posted here already! LOL!'s not here? I probably messed up that word verification, and didn't realize it! LOL!

I can't remember what I said...but, it is probably old news now...

I hope things are going well with your packing! You are in my thoughts and prayers!