Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My book is done!

My bookBroken Faith: Picking Up the Pieces was written to encourage those who have lived through tragedies and sorrows. This is a short book. After serving in various ministry positions with my husband for 36 year, I have discovered that most people who are in the midst of extreme circumstances do not have the stamina to read a two or three hundred page book. Often, they are barely able to function. The length of this book would not seem to be another insurmountable task. My book is filled with raw emotions and I openly share the struggles with my faith that I encountered in my journey. Audiences for this book would include a similar group that Carol Kent, Joyce Meyer, and Beth Moore attract since all of these women have overcome diverse sorrows in their lives. Men would be ministered to in the reading of this book since I include stories that feature my husband’s faith and actions.

There is a short preface that briefly explains how this book came to be. This is followed by eight chapters: 1) A Beginning, 2) Expectation, 3) Assurance, 4) Deliverance, 5) Sustainer, 6) Intercessor, 7) Holy and 8) Promise Keeper. I end the book with a short epilogue. Each chapter begins with a memory from my life. This memory is discussed with a spiritual meaning or life lesson and all of the chapters, except for chapter one, end with a miracle that I have experienced.

Despite not getting the “happy ending” of restoration, the book expounds about God’s grace and mercy and how He has shown Himself to be faithful in our lives. Vividly illustrated in my story is the verse, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for…” The stories I share demonstrate how to live with joy regardless of one’s circumstances. 

Please pray as I seek a publisher.