Saturday, October 27, 2012

Long time between posts....

It's been a while since I updated my blog - I have been busy and basically haven't had the time. I completed this semester two weeks ago with As in both of my classes. That is always a good thing. Here is my latest paper: CHHI 520 Constantine Research Paper

I have been doing a little writing for the Vidalia newspaper as a stringer and I have taken a job as an Advocacy Coordinator with TLC CASA for the guardian et litem program. I just got back from a two day seminar in Macon. My partner-in-crime  is Sandy Goodwin and we are both excited about our jobs.

Paul's biological mother and sister will be spending Thanksgiving week with us. I am looking forward to meeting them in-person. I will be planning the menu and food for the week and probably cleaning my house would be in order, too.

I am trying to decide whether or not to take next semester off from school. I graduated with my MATS this past May but I am now working towards an MDiv in Missional Studies. I am always so ready for a semester to be completed but find myself missing school when it's over.

I will try to update more often and include some photos. The problem is that I take most photos with my IPad instead of a camera. I need to start taking normal pics again because I am better about loading those on my computer.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful fall!

Be Blessed,

Monday, June 25, 2012

I Remember

I remember when he was a babe in my arms
            And the way his hair smelled.
I remember when he followed me from room to room
And planted wet kisses on my cheeks.
I remember when he learned to crawl, walk, and finally run.
These memories I hold deep in my heart.

I remember when he ate the fish from our aquarium.
I remember when at three-years-old, he would write,
            “God loves me and I love God.”
I remember when he stood on a church pew and flew Buzz Lightyear during a prayer and shouted,
            “To infinity and beyond.”
These memories bring me peace and laughter.

I remember when he road his bike off a cliff.
I remember when he moved his trampoline over to the pool
            And jumped from it into his pool.
I remember when he and his dad made a skateboard ramp that was too high
            And he seemed to take off for space the first time he used it.
These memories make me aware that God watches our children.

I remember his growing up and all the delight he brought into our lives.
My memories are blessed, and good, and filled with joy.

But now life is creating a new memory.
Today, another mom is making a memory.
Tomorrow, she will be able to say that she remembers
            Events in her son’s life that she thought were lost to her.
These new memories serve to make me more fully aware of my great God
            And how He loves and comforts the broken hearts of mothers.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I have had a lovely Mother's Day. I taught my Sunday school class, attended morning worship; however, evening service was cancelled.  Mark and the boys made Sunday supper for me. They did a good job and I enjoyed my vegan taco salad.  yum.

Yesterday, Liberty held her commencement ceremonies that I was not able to attend. I have graduated with my MA in Theological Studies. I am praying about continuing with my MDiv in the fall. 

Here are a couple of photos from today. I didn't get one with Paul. 

Me and Mark

Michael, me and Mark

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

An Ending?

        Since I was five years old, I have wanted to preach. I remember telling my mother that God told me that I was supposed to preach. She laughed at me and told me that God could not use girls to preach.  For years, I believed her. I tried to run from the call that I thought He had placed in my life because I reasoned; it must not be from Him. Then I decided that perhaps, my call was to only teach other women and children. For years, I served in various capacities that allowed me to utilize a small part of my calling in those areas. I loved teaching scripture. I loved being used in the lives of children both as a Bible teacher and as a choir director. However, I knew that part of me was empty. There was a section of my soul that I was trying to stifle.

       When I was finally able to finish my BA, I really wanted to pursue a Christian Studies degree but decided instead to get an Elementary education degree. I was still homeschooling my youngest son, and I have always loved those moments when teaching where the “lights go on” and the child gets it. Also, since life is so uncertain, I reasoned that if I ever needed to support our family that I could do so with a teaching certificate. However, those plans fell apart as our country's economy plummeted.

        I began praying and seeking to discover what God’s plan and purpose was for me. I guess I thought that he had changed the call He gave me when I was five. I considered getting a Master in Education in Curriculum design. I even talked with the department head at my alma mater and he told me that I would be a great candidate for the program. However, my heart was unsettled. I hungered to get deeper into God’s Word. I longed to surround myself with theology books and pour over His Word. Nothing cleanses my soul more than burying myself in seeking God.

        I shared with my husband that I really felt called (no other way to put it) to seek a seminary degree. I told Mark that I wasn’t sure why this desire was so strong or what I would do with the degree. He told me, “Debbie, I know that you listen to God. You are a gifted teacher and lover of Christ. God has a plan for you and you have to be faithful in preparing yourself to fulfill it.”

        I considered several seminaries and really was unsettled about choosing Liberty; however, as I researched I felt Liberty was where God was directing me. I have been blessed by choosing this school. I feel that I have gotten an excellent education and I have enjoyed most of the time. I struggled with the semester when I was first diagnosed with Sjogren’s because I was in such pain and my eyesight was so impeded. But, with the amazing support of my husband, family, and friends, I was able to get through that semester.

        Today, I wrote the last paper for my degree program. I wrote about Billy Graham and his devotion to follow God with all of his being. Reading and writing about Graham took me back in time to when I was nine years old. I had caught on fire that year, and I was often in my room alone with a small black and white television set as my only companion. One evening, I watched the Billy Graham Crusades. I grabbed hold of Billy’s teaching that it was faith not works that saved a man. This was not the teaching with which I had been raised. This was a radical idea and concept for me as a nine-year-old to grasp. I discussed this teaching with my father, who told me that Mr. Graham was wrong. Eleven years would pass before I finally had the courage, at age twenty, to tell my parents that Mr. Graham’s teachings were not his own words, but the Word of God. I have to wonder how many other children Billy Graham’s faithfulness influenced?


        So, Saturday, May 12 is my official graduation date from Liberty. A new chapter in my life will begin as this old one ends. Today, I found myself remembering my husband’s word that God has a plan for me in ministry. Exactly how God will manifest that plan I do not know. But, I know one thing for certain—He is trustworthy. He knows the deep desires of my heart because He hid them in it when I was formed in the womb. I will trust Him now to complete a good work in me so that He may be glorified in my life and so that others will learn of Him and follow after Christ.

To God Be All Glory, Honor, and Praise.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Savannah Trip

Mark surprised me with a trip to Savannah for my birthday. We stayed two nights. Wednesday night we ate at Corleone's. It was great food. Thursday we did the on and off trolley tour, went to the Owens-Thomas house, and Thursday evening we saw "The Beat Goes On." We came home on Friday. We had a great time just being together.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Just a short post....

I know that I have been neglecting my poor blog lately. I have been busy trying to finish my Master of Arts in Theological Studies. I am now doing my last two classes. I think that I am going to really enjoy these classes except for the fact that my eyes are protesting the amount of reading and writing. I took 9 hours this last semester. I have finished one class with a 4.0. That made me pretty happy. I was also hired as a writing tutor for grad students. Right now, I am working through 60 hours of training. This is probably another reason my eyes are having issues. The good thing about the training is that I do get paid for it.

I will try to keep this blog more up-to-date.


A few photos to show off our weight loss so far....

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Going Vegan!

As of today, Mark, Michael and I have been vegan for 2 months and 5 days. Mark has lost over 20 pounds. Michael has lost nearly 35 pounds. I have lost 15 pounds. Of course, the guys are winning the race. Losing weight this way has not been difficult. I get to eat good food that satisfies me. Rarely, have I been hungry! Pretty cool. Mark's blood pressure has improved and his goal is to get off of his blood pressure meds. That would be wonderful. I will try to add a few pictures. I need to take some current ones of Michael since the biggest change is in him. Mark is looking good, too.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Christmas 2011!

We couldn't get everything in the car, so we opened a few gifts and took a couple of pictures before heading up to Lauri's.



Michael, Mark, and Paul

Christmas eve at Lauri's with all of us and her parents.

Sitting: Vern, Joyce, and Lauri
Standing: Me and Mark

Group Photo Christmas Eve
Sitting: Glenn, Aaron, and Taylor
Standing: Michael, Rachel, Paul, and Deborah

Mark and me

Paul, me, Mark, and Michael

Lauri, me and Michael

Paul, Lauri, and Taylor

I wanted to get some family pictures. Lauri helped us out.

Paul, Mark, Me, and Michael - posting for a Family picture.

Paul, me,Toby, and Michael

Our final Christmas celebration was with Lynda Talmadge.

Me and Lynda Talmadge

Me, Lynda, and Mark

Me, and Mark

Lynda and Mark

We had a nice Christmas this year. I just wanted to add a few photos!