Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I heard the best message today on television from Joyce Meyers. It was about pressing past our feelings and emotions and looking at ourselves when someone irritates us instead of expecting to change them.

Basically, she was saying that we need to discover why we are angry instead of always looking to blame the other person. Of course, it's hard to look at our own hearts. She brought up several situations that were funny but they hit home.

She talked about how some people don't like up and joyful people. If they feel bad or serious, then golly, everyone else should be serious, too. She also hit upon those with jealousy issues, or feelings of insecurity. The message was great and I have thought about it a lot today.

Something, that I have always told my children when treated poorly by someone, is to kill that person with kindness! Say nice things to them. Help them when they need help. Be kind. And, most importantly pray for that person. I have told them, the point is NOT to change that person and make them like you BUT the point is for you not to allow bitterness to take root in your heart. Only the work of the Holy Spirit can change the other person, but we are called to display the image of Christ.

That is easy advise to give and very hard advise to live.



TXArtcGal said...

A wonderful message!! Thanks for sharing!!

p.s. My dd is one of those that likes to put the blame on elsewhere. Not so much a person...but, things...kwim?

Debbie B said...

It was a great message!