Thursday, July 24, 2008

Seeing God's hand.....

July 24, 2008

Well, I have made it through three days of new hire training. The first two days, the class was on Classroom Management. Besides, those two days, we have to meet one hour a month for the next four months and we have homework to submit. Today and tomorrow’s class is on Vocabulary. Our system has adopted a specific vocabulary program in which all of the teachers receive training and need to follow. Next week, I will attend three days of classes on Teaching Strategies.

I have had the opportunity to meet several of the fifth grade teachers. They all seem extremely nice. I look forward to collaborating with each of them.

The lady that I gave my Language Arts position to is precious. I really like her. This is her first year back in the classroom after eight years of being a stay-at-home mom. Her certification is in High School Language Arts. I believe that God was in this change. It will be much easier for me to teach math than for her to teach it. She has four children ranging in age from two to ten years old. Plus, she has to take several Georgia certification tests. I am fully certified and will not have near as much on me in regard to young children or having to prepare for the GACE test.

I wanted to say that I see where God was involved in this decision. I am glad that I submitted to letting go of the Language Arts. I am still not thrilled about the math but I see God’s purpose and plan.

Mark and I are considering and checking into adoption. We would love to adopt a little girl. Of course, I would take an infant, but we are leaning toward a four or five year-old. Please keep us in prayers as we pray and seek God’s direction in this decision. Since Paul is Asian, we would love to adopt another Asian child; however, this desire in not set in stone. We were simply thinking that two of our children would have that common link which would be nice.

We haven’t discussed this with our sons. If God continues to lead us and opens some financial doors for us, we will talk to them. I know that they would fully support our decision.

Monday, July 21, 2008

A change in my teaching position.....

Ack! I was at the school today putting up fabric on my bulletin board and starting to arrange my room. I went down to the office to ask my Assistant Principal a question. My principal asked me to change to math. She told me that it was my decision but they had just hired a new teacher who was certified in High School Language Arts and she was uncomfortable teaching the math. I had finally started to figure out all of this LA curriculum and standards and had planned my classroom and bought some things at the School Box in Atlanta and now I am teaching math.

I want to be a team player and try to not make waves but I could just cry. The subjects that I would rather teach are in this order:
Language Arts
and lastly, Math.

Please be in prayer for me. I have to attend new hire classes for the next seven work days and I will not have time to even begin to figure out this math curriculum. BTW, I never asked my Assistant Principal the question. The teacher desk in my room is tiny and I was going to see if she could get me a larger one.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Watching our children grow......

Something amazing happens as we age. Our children and dear friends' children grow up into wonderful adults and teens. I have linked several blogs of young people that I have been privileged to watch grow up. Both of these families were homeschooled.

I have four of Deborah's daughters' blogs linked: Noel, Marigrace, Hope, and Leah Joy. I met Deborah when she only had Noel and Marigrace. I also have Deborah's blog linked. Deborah has a family of five daughters and two sons. She is currently hoping to adopt two more children from Africa.

Saige and Leah are two wonderful young women that are Danna's daughters. Saige is now married and a mother of two making her mom a grandmom! And, Leah is a teacher living near her folks, which also makes her mom very happy.

Check out these blogs and be encouraged that God honors our prayers, training and faith as we raise our children. God does not expect us to be perfect as mothers. He does expect us to love our children and trust Him as He leads our families. Remember when we have long days that we are not to grow weary in doing good. Do good to your family. Love and honor your husband.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Mark and I accomplished one more summer time chore....

We painted and cleaned out the laundry room. Okay, my washer and dryer still do not match. I still have wire shelves and not cabinets over the appliances BUT the laundry room looks so much nicer. Lauri had extra paint and she gave me a gallon when I was up visiting. My sweet husband, who had no desire to paint another room in this house, helped me to empty out and paint this room. I think that the paint color looks good going into my kitchen.

Several ladies on my board,ChristianMoms, wanted to see pictures of my room. So, I am posting some lovely photos (hehehe) of it.

Unmatched dryer and washer. Aren't they lovely? I just haven't been able to spend the money on a matching dryer because that Whirlpool is still working! Call me cheap.

Looking into my kitchen. I think (hope) that the colors work well together.

My new American basket that I picked up at Cracker Barrel. I love it especially since it was on clearance for nearly half price! The other basket holds my aprons.

Even a laundry room needs a little art! My Finding Nemo prints have found a new home. The boys didn't want them in their bathrooms! Go figure!

The old closet that we bought at a seminary yard sale when Mark was a student. These closets were used in the fifties in seminary housing for married students. Since we bought it, it has been painted white, green, fire-engine-red, and now chocolate brown.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer is flying quickly .....

I have been extremely busy this summer and the time for posting and the computer has not been a priority.

Mark and I accomplished a few GOOD things like painting both boys' rooms and their bathrooms and the hallway. We also managed to clean out our garage. That was one hot dirty job! We also both worked a five day VBS at our church and were the special music for the reception honoring our prior pastor.

My friend Linda visited from Florida. Unfortunately, her trip was cut short due to her mother getting very ill. Please pray for Linda and her mom. Her mom was released to a hospice.

My friend, Lauri, and two of her teens came down for a visit for nine days. We managed to get to Tybee Island for a couple of days while they were here. Several of us got burned. Ouch! We had a great 4th of July celebrating with a BBQ and fireworks.

Paul completed summer school where he made excellent grades and then headed to North Carolina to Boy Scout Camp. Paul went to Calhoun traveling with Lauri's son and then I followed traveling with Lauri and her daughter a few days later. While in Calhoun, I managed to get a visit with Deborah and her family and learn the details of their upcoming adoption. Mark met us in Macon today. I phoned a dear friend that I hadn't seen in several years when I saw the Warner Robbins sign and we went by their new house for a visit. It was great seeing Danna and Herb.

Michael has been busy taking college classes all summer and his only break was a trip to Atlanta to Six Flags with a group of friends from his church.

Mark, me and Paul at the Crab Shack.

Me and Linda. The food was GOOD!!

Lauri, Rachel and Taylor in the woods across the street from my house.

Taylor standing on a rotting bridge rail in the woods.

An interesting log. I see a dragon!

Taylor, Rachel and Lauri at Tybee.

A very fat woman standing with my sweet husband. And, what's even more scary... the old gal doesn't have on any make-up!!

Rachel and Paul fixing to go out Ballroom dancing.

Two dapper young men, Levi and Paul, ready to break some sweet girls' hearts.

The entire gang trying to leave but some MOM is insisting on pictures!

Marigrace, Lauri, me and Deborah trying the "put your hands on your hips to look skinny trick" however, I don't think it worked on me.