Monday, April 15, 2013

Hello there....

Wow! LONG, long time since I posted. In my defense, I have tried a couple of times to post using my Ipad and then it would not post and then disappeared somewhere in space....

This year is flying by all too quickly. I did a long term sub position teaching middle school math. I learned two things about myself. I like LOWER elementary grades so much better than middle school. And, I do not want to teach math all day again. :)

I am back at TLC CASA, Children's Services, Inc. I am training and recruiting volunteers and I love it. I will finish training my first group of volunteers tomorrow. I have so enjoyed working with this group. I believe that TLC is getting some great Court Appointed Special Advocates.

I am working on a second Master degree - an MRE. I have been enjoying these courses and I am learning so much. Liberty is a great seminary.

Mark is extremely busy - working, working, working....

Paul is finishing up his second year of college. I miss that young man more than words.

Michael has been looking for a job! He has done a few things here and there to earn a bit of an income but the man needs full-time employment. According to our president the economy is improving; however, my family would disagree.

We are all relatively healthy and feel blessed.

I hope to write soon and maybe supply a few photos fo my lovely crew!