Sunday, February 25, 2007

February is a really short month!

Man, time flies as we get older and it flies ever faster when the month is only 28 days long. I can't believe that it is already 2 months since Christmas. We are already making summertime plans.

Sometimes, I think that we plan our lives away instead of enjoying and truly living each minute. We are always talking about the next event instead of stopping and being part of today. I wonder if we are living each day and week with great expectation and joy? Are we pleasing God? Are we seeking Him? Are we being loving to our family and not wasting our time? What will my children remember about me when they are older? Mom drove us crazy when getting ready for a trip or company? Or will they remember that Mom made our house a home and that she loved being with us?

I love the verse that tells us not to worry and I wish that I could truly incorporate that ability into my life and NEVER worry but always and only TRUST God.

Also, do we really wait to hear from God before we act? Do we weep over the lost or are we too busy being busy to really think about the lost?

What should be our passion?


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I may get to come up for air a little....

in regard to all of these papers for college that I have been writing. I have one good sized paper to write this week and then I will spend the next two weeks studying for a major exam.

I have been enjoying my experience at Western Governors University. I highly recommend it to those wanting to attend college online. They have excellent accreditation. Also, they are very tuition doable!! The classes require tons of research and writing but most of the communities are really helpful.

Paul still has a fever and now Michael is home sick from college today. He never misses classes. So, this is odd to have him home ill.

Two sickies don't make for a fun Valentine!

Well, I need to get to writing this paper.

Blessings to all,

Monday, February 12, 2007

Sick one...

Man, this flu that Paul has really likes to keep a temperature high. He is so sick of being sick. I have noticed that lots of his friends from his youth group keeping calling his cell phone to check up on him. When I see the care that these young people have for each other, I know that Mark and I made the correct decision in allowing Paul to attend this church.

This morning I finished writing a 10 page paper for my Literature class. It was a long process. I usually do not spend this much time in writing a paper. I have also been making phones calls. I had to cancel Paul and my hair appointments for tomorrow because I cannot take Paul to the salon and risk getting our stylist sick. He might shave our heads that next time we go in! hehehe

I also had to call the music store to order more books for my piano students. The store owner ordered the wrong sets last week for three of my younger students. I also wanted to arrange bass guitar lessons for Paul. I think that I managed to set up lessons on Wednesday mornings at 9 am. I told the guy that this week was out due to Paul having the flu. He is supposed to call me back and confirm the lessons.

I have had a headache most of the day so far. I am going to check on Paul and try to soak in the tub for a bit and unwind.

I know that this blog is totally boring. I should change its name to: Debbie's Boring Blog.

Oh, here is a bit of information that some of you might could use. Mark and I decided to order food from Angel Food Ministries this month. Mark picked it up Saturday and we were really pleased. So, here's a link to their site in case anyone wants to check it out!


Thursday, February 08, 2007

Today is Thursday...

Wednesdays are always long days with having to drive so far to church. It usually takes us 45 minutes on Sunday mornings but it takes an hour Wednesday night due to traffic. I sat in the back choir room during children's choir and prayer meeting (it didn't have any heat on) and read more of My Name is Asher Lev. That book is depressing me. I did attend choir rehearsal, though.

I also got that first paper started for my Literature class yesterday, too. I am having a difficult time getting everything in my thesis statement that I want to say.

Last night, at 10 PM, Lost returned with a new show!! It was good. I am not understanding why that blonde lady is so mean, though. And, what happened to her sister?

Splenda is acting all clingy. She has been following me around like a puppy dog. She is the strangest cat. I have been trying to brush her in the hopes of eliminating or at least reducing hair balls. Yuck. That is the grossest things about cats.

Paul told his friends that I used to be a baker. That child has a strange memory! LOL I did work in a bakery for a season when Mark was in seminary but Paul was only 4 years old. He told me that he wanted me to teach him how to be a really good cook. You know, it did make pastries, doughnuts, decorated cakes, pies, breads and all but I have never considered myself a baker. I didn't wear one of those hats!! LOL I hated getting up and being at work at 4 AM!!

Paul wants to cook hearty tasty real food. At least, that's what he's telling me. He wants to make a gumbo. I told him that I can't eat okra because I am so allergic to it. He told me that we would leave out the okra. I don't know if it's possible to make gumbo without okra? I mean, is that allowed????? I am going to have him cook dinner tonight. I am thinking a roast with the trimmings. I will try to come up with a fake gumbo recipe for the child. He wants to learn how to make several soups.

Back to tonight's menu. I am thinking a pot roast with cooked cabbage, potatoes, and carrots and something green. I wonder how serious the boy is about cooking. He loves to read recipes. Is that normal for a 14 year old? And, the likes watching the food network. lol

Michael has a major exam in his history class tomorrow. I am praying that he does pretty good. He needs to keep a B average in college to get the Hope next year. After he takes a course this summer, he'll have enough hours in Georgia schools to qualify for it.

Mark has a winter break coming up this month. He's off February 19 through the 23. I wanted to go to Florida to Disney World but that's not happening with all of the dental and medical expenses we are having right now. So, I guess this break will be boring.

Paul is upset with me because I am not letting him go to New Orleans to help with clean-up. I am worried that he would have a huge asthma attack down there because of the mold. His youth group is going down over spring break.

I need to get to reading this depressing book and work more on this paper.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Another thought on Homeschooling....

I used to freak out if I realized that what I was trying to do with the kids in the way of certain curriculum or subjects wasn't working. It does kind of make me sick at the thought of spending more money to buy another curriculum. However, sometimes, we just have to bite the bullet. I need to try this and it's still cheaper than a tutor for this child.

I told my husband several weeks ago (when it was still January) that Paul was really having difficulty in math and that I needed to hire a tutor. Mark's comment was that he would try to teach Paul his math. Well, he hasn't spent one moment trying. I knew that he wouldn't. I told Mark that WE had to do something to help Paul with his math and that he hadn't tried teaching him at all over the past few weeks.

Honestly, I think that he meant too but for some reason he just doesn't help me school the boys. I have also put him in charge of setting up private bass lessons for Paul. I have reminded him for three weeks. I am going to call him - again, this morning - and see if he's done it. It made sense to me to ask him to set these lessons up since Mark is over at Brewton Parker every Monday and is surrounded by musicians. Again, he just doesn't think about it.

Well, now I am really off of here.


February is here!!

I can't believe that we are already into the second month of 2007! This is going to be a busy month for me completing a few college classes. My new semester starts March 1.

I have decided to order Teaching Textbooks Pre-Algebra for Paul. I found a gal on VegSource that had the CD's for sale and I am managing to save a little money on them. But, it looks like that I will have to order the textbook new. This set is going to cost me $150.00! ugh. It had better be magical and get through to this child. He took that pre-assessment and is ready for Pre-Algebra.

We have church this evening and choir rehearsals (children and adult). Sunday evening the Brotherhood is doing a Valentine's Banquet. I hope that fun.

I have been reading the book My Name is Asher Lev. It's different. I need to finish it up today and start this paper that I am writing. I have already read Emma and parts of Huck Finn.

I am waiting on my literature textbook to arrive. I managed to find it used and only paid $40.00 for it as opposed to $80.00 plus shipping. I am selling these Critical Thinking textbooks to a friend who needs them for a class.

I have been trying to lose weight and really fell off the wagon the past two weeks. I am not pigging out but I have to cut WAY back to lose weight. My metabolism is so messed up.

I went to the eye doctor's last Friday and he has scared me a bit. He suspects that I could have angle glaucoma. The office made me an appointment with specialist before I left his office. I am praying that he is wrong. Lauri had a group of ladies from her church call me and they all prayed for healing and good sight. Such a precious group of gals.

Well, I need to get busy. It's a tad after 7:30 AM. I need to straighten up the house a bit and shower and then get Paul going on school. I also didn't get all of the laundry done on Monday so I need to work on that today, too. And, of course, I need to finish reading this book and try to get this paper started.

Oh, I had called the eye doctor's yesterday and he just called me back. Man, he called me back early. He said that right now, I do not have glaucoma. The pressure behind my eye isn't elevated. However, the space between my lense and eyeball is slightly narrow and that's why he is wanting a specialist to look at it. He told me NOT to worry at this point but that we have to keep a check on it because it could develop into glaucoma.

Now, I am really getting off of here, unless the phone rings again with some nice information.

Blessings to all,