Friday, July 21, 2006


Last night, my husband had a dinner meeting and so that just left Michael, Paul and me eating my nice dinner. I made one of Paul's favorites since he was heading out this morning to go on a Youth Retreat. I was kind of sad that Mark wasn't here enjoying the meal with us but the dinner time conversation got a little interesting.

First, the brothers were arguing (not yelling but having some sort of disagreement). I said, "Please, if you two can't find something civil and kind to say to each other then don't say anything.

Amazingly, they looked at me and stopped their fussing. Both begun commenting on the wonderful meal, asking questions about when their dad was going to get home. The conversation lagged a tad, and then Paul said, "You know that girl, S (insert name), that I talk to on the phone? I really like her."

Managing to keep my silence, I looked at him and smiled. I have learned if I begin to ask to many questions with this kid, he stops talking.

Paul continued on, telling me that she had the bluest eyes that he had ever seen. He described how they change colors depending on her mood. When S is happy, her eyes are bright and a light blue rimmed in gold but when she's deep in thought or upset, her eyes turn a deep blue, sort of navy.

Man, I wanted to scream, JUST how much have you gazed into this girl's eyes to wrap so poetic a description? However, instead I remarked that he had always loved blue eyes. He nodded his head, smiled and told me that he loves to stare into her eyes so he can determine her moods.

As Paul continued raving about this girl, his loving brother started relaying one side of Paul's telephone conversation with her. At first, Paul proceeded to go into great detail everything that S had said in response to his questions and statements. Lots of information was shared when a light bulb seemed to go off above Paul's head.

Paul couldn't believe that Michael had heard him TALK to her on the phone. Michael begins to explain since their rooms connect that hearing your loud mouth is pretty easy. Younger brother, becomes indignant, and claims that Michael has invaded his privacy and gossiped about him to mom!

Finally, they both look at me, as the only high court official in our home since Mark wasn't present. Paul demanded that I quote to Michael a Bible verse that bans eavesdropping. Even though, I wanted to say, "I WANT your older brother to LISTEN to ALL your conversations and report back to me," I refrained. Stifling a laugh, I told my son that I couldn't think of such a Bible verse. I said the Bible does say we shouldn't gossip but that I didn't think that Michael thought he was gossiping since Paul began the conversation about S.

Paul still looked quite wounded and hurt. So in my VAST wisdom, I told them that it would be impossible for Michael to never hear Paul talk on the phone BUT if he was privy to one of Paul's conversations that he shouldn't share what was said without Paul's consent. ugh

Well, that satisfied both of them. I then added that I really liked Michael's input into our conversation to which older brother laughed and younger brother rolled his eyes.



TXArtcGal said...

LOL!! I love it!...and, LOLing about how long he must have looked into her eyes!

Debbie B said...

SIGH!!! I am losing my baby! I was telling Mark about this and he was dying, too. Paul actually told us that night at dinner that S asked him why he was always staring at her and Paul said he told her because she had the most beautiful eyes he had ever SEEN!

Oh, brother. He is such a flirt.