Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's new at our house....

Paul told me that I could not post this picture on my Facebook account because he wanted it for his Facebook. So, I refrained even THOUGH the picture was made at my request with my camera.

Paul and Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a very sweet young lady who is a member of his church. Paul has known her since we moved to Vidalia. I have been impressed with the influence she seems to have on him. Since they started dating, he's home more. He is not hanging with the *guys* nearly as much. Anyway, he seems happy!

Michael was commissioned for summer missions two weeks ago. He'll be going to Mississippi this summer for a short term trip. These are a couple of photos from that Saturday.

Dave, Michael, and Me

Mark, Dave: the team leader, and Michael

I will not be teaching next year. Instead, I am probably going to be opening a small cosmetic laser teeth whitening business. I am getting all my ducks in a row right now. I haven't signed anything yet.... but it's close. This business will take me less time which will allow me to spend more time homeschooling Paul and writing. My hope is to get some devotions and Women's lessons published this year - for pay!!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Older Than Dirt

Yep, that’s me. I am older than dirt. Friday my birthday was announced at school. I had several students ask me my age and my normal response was, “Honey, I am older than dirt.” Of course, since they are nosey little fifth graders they continued guessing my age when they went to their next classes.

I have lunch duty at school on Fridays. Joy. Well, not really but sometimes we must pretend. The other fifth grade teacher that has duty on Friday is a friend of mine. She related this conversation, “Mrs. H, we are trying to figure out Mrs. Baskin’s age. I think that maybe she’s 40.” (BTW, I would take 40 gladly!!) Leslie said she just smiled and then another one of my sweet, sweet students said, “Oh, Mrs. Baskin isn’t 40. I think she’s around 30!!”

While I love these students guessing my age a decade or two lower than my age, I do have great apprehension. I teach them math!! And, my students have all met Paul, who is 16 and they have been pictures of Michael, Bobby, and Christi! Respective ages 26, 27, and 28. (Yes, Mark and I were a little busy for several years.)

Unfortunately, I am very concerned how these sweet students will fair on their state tests when we return from spring break. Obviously, their addition skills are lacking but now I am worried about their eyesight, too!