Monday, June 25, 2012

I Remember

I remember when he was a babe in my arms
            And the way his hair smelled.
I remember when he followed me from room to room
And planted wet kisses on my cheeks.
I remember when he learned to crawl, walk, and finally run.
These memories I hold deep in my heart.

I remember when he ate the fish from our aquarium.
I remember when at three-years-old, he would write,
            “God loves me and I love God.”
I remember when he stood on a church pew and flew Buzz Lightyear during a prayer and shouted,
            “To infinity and beyond.”
These memories bring me peace and laughter.

I remember when he road his bike off a cliff.
I remember when he moved his trampoline over to the pool
            And jumped from it into his pool.
I remember when he and his dad made a skateboard ramp that was too high
            And he seemed to take off for space the first time he used it.
These memories make me aware that God watches our children.

I remember his growing up and all the delight he brought into our lives.
My memories are blessed, and good, and filled with joy.

But now life is creating a new memory.
Today, another mom is making a memory.
Tomorrow, she will be able to say that she remembers
            Events in her son’s life that she thought were lost to her.
These new memories serve to make me more fully aware of my great God
            And how He loves and comforts the broken hearts of mothers.