Saturday, March 25, 2006

Back in college....

I decided to go back to try and finish my degree after starting nearly three decades ago. It's been fun. I was supposed to have started in the fall, but my 13 year old son, ended up with a severe asthma attack. I put school on hold until January. I am discovering that my braincells have remembered how to study for a test, write research papers, and get the tasks completed.

I love it. My favorite subjects are Marine Biology and American Government. I told my husband that I have never really thought how life science and political science could fit together until recently. I want to be a lobbyist when I grow up. :o) Seriously.

I am also afraid that I could be turning into a Democrate. sigh Of course, that will not happen. Perhaps, I'm a liberal Republican?

Well, later. Maybe, I'll try to blog more often.