Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to normal

The hurried days of Christmas are over signaling that the time has come to resume our normal life routine. My family is no longer under one roof all day. Mark is back working full-time in the school and doing his church position. Michael’s college classes started today and he is also back at his job through the college. Paul is trying to complete his junior year in homeschooling along with a friend’s child that I am tutoring daily in her junior year, too.

Last week was the first week of having sweet Chelsea in my home. She seems to enjoy homeschooling and comes in every morning ready to work. She and Paul are completing their chemistry together which is a tremendous blessing for me and Paul. I have to adjust to being more on a schedule since Chelsea is here during normal school hours. This has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. There is a loss of freedom but it’s nice knowing that the school day is complete by 2 PM.

I start my classes with Liberty next week. I am beginning to work on the Master in Theological Studies degree. While I love learning and school, I find that I am anxious about launching this new phase in my life. I believe that this is God’s plan for me as studying His Word is always a good thing.

So, the holidays are officially over and life continues its normal flow and ebb. But, each day still brings a new adventure and joy as I watch those I love excel in God’s design for their lives.