Thursday, August 11, 2011

No Tears to Cry

If I could produce tears….
I would have filled a pond with them today.
Instead, I think that I have filled a swamp with my mucus tears….
And, my eyes are paying the price.

I am trying to find a way to praise God today….
And, to mean it.
I don’t want my words to be empty….
To be shallow without truth.


Sometimes, praise is hard…
Especially when life is difficult.

Today I have meditated on my sorrow….
On life’s disappointments and lost dreams.
I have piled them altogether….
And, have created an impressive heap of grief.

I have parked myself in the garage of despair….
And considered losing my keys.
Because maneuvering through this place....
Overwhelms me.

I need to seek God and find His goodness….
Instead of languishing in my swamp of mucus tears.
However, the muck and mire of life….
Is at times overpowering.

It begins to function as quicksand dragging me under….
To where the Light can scarcely penetrate.
I try to find a pocket of air in this wretched place….
To breathe something fresh into my lungs.


I cannot succeed….
Because I have fallen too deep – too far.

Where is the One who can rescue me….
And breathe sweetness into my lungs?
I need Him to find my lost soul….
And restore my joy and trust.


I have no strength left in me....
And Darkness is beginning to consume this place.

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