Thursday, August 18, 2011


Time for another rambling Blog about Nothing in particular…

Working on my book has created a major problem. I have been redoing my previous writing and I have discovered that I do not LIKE several of my chapters. Hahaha! How sad is that? The author doesn’t like her writing? So, now the process has slowed down because I am just not editing but I am rewriting some of my chapters.

I told Mark my dilemma and the man sort of chuckled at me. My first inclination was to reach out and smack the man. But, I didn’t because I am a really sweet person. However, I thought about kicking him in his sleep.

My theology classes start back next week and I have not done as much on my book this summer as I had planned. I am not sure how this happened. Oh, yes… I remember! Life happened and sort of dragged me off my schedule.

I hope all of the other writers out in the blogging world are staying on target.
Be blessed and be a blessing!

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