Friday, August 05, 2011

Marketing yourself as a Christian speaker....

Ugh. Worded that way it sounds so worldly; however, it seems that you have to be willing to do the marketing so folks know that you are out there and serious.

I love it when I get calls to come and speak but this forward marketing doesn't seem very spiritual!

But, I digress.

I have been researching how you begin getting your name out there as a Christian speaker. A couple of the things suggested are creating a webpage with professional photos, video clips of sections during your talks, and other data. The key word seems to be NETWORK. Since, Mark and I have been writing this book - having these things in place could possibly encourage a future publisher to take a chance with our book.

I hate having my photo made - especially since being on those HIGH doses of predisone last year and the beginning of this year. But, I am biting the proverbial bullet and scheduling a photo session. I contacted a friend who has a studio and told her that I was trying to get some "good"... well, perhaps.... "decent".... photos of me for a webpage and email attachments and flyers. She quoted me an amazing price and I am scheduling that for next week.

I scheduled an appointment with my hair stylist before the photo shoot. Unfortunately, I know that will not make a huge difference because what I need is a face-lift and liposuction!

Yep.... wanting face-lifts and liposuction, hair dying, highlighting and waxing additional hair off my face, wondering which of my clothes make me look less fat.... these are the thoughts invading my mind. haha!

We are called to be in the world but not of the world.... sometimes that line is rather obscure.

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Perseverance Magaya said...

This was very helpful, i am only 22years old and God has called me to go around spreading His word to the youth and i need a strategy, thank you for the insight.