Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hearing God in the Silence

As we travel our life’s journey, we can get enticed by the glitter and glamour of the world. Our eyes are drawn to bright lights and our ears begin to listen to strange music. This infatuation with the world begins early in our lives often starting when we are but babies in the crib staring at the mobile spinning round our heads. We become accustomed to noise and forget that in silence we often find sweet repose.

Silence can be unnerving and the source of discomfort for many individuals. Yet, the scripture informs us that God speaks in a still small voice. When I recall some of the most touching moments in my life, they didn’t take place under bright lights and loud music but in calm stillness. I remember whispering in my babies’ ears as I rocked them to sleep that I loved them. Holding those wonderful gifts from my God were precious and memorable times.

I remember the first time that Mark told me that he loved me. He said it in a soft voice while his arms were wrapped around me. He didn’t shout it at the top of his lungs but quietly told me with a sincerity that I knew was real and lasting.

As mere mortal men and women, we understand that often the most cherished things in life are said during peaceful, quiet moments. Yet, we frequently wonder why we can’t hear the voice of the Father amidst the chaos and confusion of our lives.

The past week, I have been able to be still and listen. I have had the time to seek my Father in quiet moments. As I began to plan activities for today, I realized that I had a peace and joy. This joy wasn’t because of the tasks that I had laid out to do, since usually cleaning the refrigerator, microwave and changing the bed lines doesn’t excite me, but because I had a sense of His Divine Presence and His Perfect Peace.

During my sweet husband’s sermon on Sunday, he spoke of doing all things (from the great to the small) as unto God. That part of his message came back to me this morning. All things we do as unto Christ whether singing in a service if front of hundreds or cleaning the oven. Our attitude is so important because it is a reflection of the condition of our heart.

Heavenly Father,

Allow my heart reflect your loving presence in my life. Please let my actions, words and decisions show others how much I love and trust You.

Please watch over all of my children this day. Guide the steps of Christi, Bobby, Michael and Paul. Cover them with Your love and protection. Restore this family.

Be with and protect my dear husband this day. Give him joy and laughter.

In the name of Jesus I pray, amen.


Hope said...

I marvel at your strength and faith.
I too pray that your family will be restored.
I love you,

Jenny said...

This devotion is beautiful...silence is so hard to find these days. My family is either asleep or already gone for the day, it's Saturday morning so I don't have to go anywhere, and your entry was perfect for the moment! You and your family are in my prayers!
Jenny S

Debbie B said...

Dear Jenny,

I am glad that this devotion was useful to you. I appreciate your comment. I enjoy your blog and the photos that you share of your family.


Karren said...

Beautiful post, Debbie. It's a good and timely reminder. Thank you. : )

Anonymous said...


I love the new colors! Nice update. FYI though, Your opening line says "welcome to my dairy" I don't see any cows!

Thank you for all your lovely insightful and inspirational writing.