Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Amazing God

Today, He revealed His amazing care and guidance to me, again. Why do I go through periods of doubt? I have been praying for His direction and for His still small voice to lead me in the direction that He would have me to pursue.

This morning, I was chatting to my Father God. I say “chatting to” because that’s what I was doing. I was just telling Him my feelings and thoughts and not really expecting to hear anything specific from Him. But then both suddenly and gently, He spoke to my spirit. I was telling Him that I knew, practically, that I needed to try and get hired by a school to teach next year but that my heart’s desire was to spend time on my writing and to try and get published as a Christian author.

I stopped chatting for a moment because I was, even while talking to God, doing my usual multi-tasking as I sat at my computer. I had opened my emails and there were several that I needed to read. But, God only needs a moment to claim our attention. I felt my spirit stirred and the thought, not my thought, came to me, “Debbie, you can do both.” I realized that God had stopped whatever He was doing and was speaking to me.

Tears welled up in my eyes, not because of the message, but because my Father had spoken to me. He could have told me, “Take the dog outside or feed the cat,” and I would have been just as moved. However, He spoke to my deep desire. He had been listening to me as I was mindlessly rambling away.

I had my first official job interview this morning at a local elementary school. I was preparing to go while still very undecided about the path that I needed to pick for next school year. I prayed that God would be with me during the interview and just let the experience be a positive one for those involved.

That was my only attitude as I went into this interview. I wanted to be in the Will of my Father. The interview was possibly the most enjoyable one in which I have ever participated. The principal was affirming and encouraging. She was open and caring. And, she unofficially offered me a position teaching fifth grade language art. This position would include reading, writing, grammar, and spelling. (I know a shocker for those of you who read my blog and have witnessed my grammar and spelling skills!) She has to check my references to make it official.

I told her that I would accept the position if she officially offers it. Needless to say, my entire morning seemed blessed. I left the interview on cloud nine and believing that my God was truly in control and concerned about me. As I neared our home, the thought popped into my brain, “What about Paul?” Mark and I have been trying to decide if we were going to let him continue in public school or go back to being homeschooled. Again, God spoke. The thought, “Paul will be fine. It’s under My control.”

I was broadly smiling as I was driving down the road. I was filled with a sense of my Lord’s peace and presence. He had clearly spoken to me twice in one day in a matter of hours. I had been telling Him that I needed Him just come sit with me on my sofa and speak to me about my future and the plans that I should follow. And while, He wasn’t sitting on my sofa sharing a cup of coffee, He had spoken.

Today has been an amazing day. I have truly felt the presence of my God all day long. I am blessed. God is good and His mercy is ever present in our lives. God revealed an important truth to me today. He is always speaking. He is always directing. He is always trustworthy. I am not always listening, following and trusting. I become entangled by the many voices of the world and allow those voices to block out His precious perfect Voice. I forget how much He loves me and my family. I forget but God doesn’t forget.

Father God,

Today make your face to shine upon me and my loved family. Guide our steps. Give us courage. Speak to us with soft words and shape our lives with your loving hands. Show us how to walk in trust and in faith. I pray these things through the name of your beloved son, Christ Jesus.



Kearsmom said...

I said this to you earlier elsewhere, but isn't it amazing that we waste so much energy fretting and worrying? Then, in an instant, God steps in and does His will (the will that He had planned all along, not a spur of the moment thing) and all is well? When will we learn to skip the fretting part and just wait for Him?

I'm so happy for you, friend, that you see Him moving in your life and feel at peace about it.

Anonymous said...

What a nice post! Thank you for your gentle spirit. You will be blessed because you slowed down enough to hear God.

~T said...

Your blog today is a fantastic reminder that God does talk to us and we need to listen to Him. You will be a brilliant teacher and wonderful writer.

Thanks for sharing! I'm so happy for you!


Leah-Joy said...

That is so great Miss Debbie! Thanks fir visiting my blog!