Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Renaissance peasant Paul


The things that we do for our children sometimes amaze me. Paul had told Mark and me about the Renaissance costume he needed for school sometime last week but he added, “Don’t worry mom, I know exactly what I am going to be and wear. I am going to be a peasant – simple and easy.” I thought that meant he had his costume ready.

Monday night, while eating supper before rushing out the door to get to revival services where Mark is leading the worship, I nonchalantly asked Paul what he was wearing for his costume and what day was he supposed to wear it.

He begins describing to me how he is going to make his costume. I asked him what shirt and pants he was using to do this. He innocently replied, “Oh, I don’t have the clothes to use, you have to go buy them for me.”

Shock. I asked him, again, when he needed this costume and he replied, “Wednesday. I wear it to school on Wednesday.”

The last time I checked this small southern town doesn’t sell Renaissance peasant costumes. My plan changed – totally – for both Monday evening and Tuesday day. A friend called and wanted to know if I would grab dinner with her, I told her that I had just finished eating. So, we decided I would go with her and watch her eat while I drank something. Then, we went to Wally world where I bought fabric and a pattern.

Tuesday, I started preparing the pattern to cut out Paul’s costume at 7:30 AM. My phone kept ringing off the hook. I had originally planned to make him: pants, shirts, hat and shoes and if I had time (what was I thinking?) a vest. I got the pants and shirt completed before I had to get ready to leave the house at 3:00. I finished the shoes last night after revival services. He didn’t get a hat or vest. LOL

Here’s a picture of him. He wouldn’t smile for me because he told me that he was a poor and sad peasant. BTW, he really liked his costume.

Looking sad and poor.

Finally a smile.

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r said...

Good job, especially on such short notice!