Monday, April 07, 2008

I am officially done with this degree!!!!!

This has been a long road and lots of work but it's finally completed. I remember looking at the work load for various classes and thinking - no way!! But, with God there is always a way. God has been so gracious to me through this entire process. He is my source of wisdom and strength. Praise be His Name.

Western Governors University sent me an email on Thursday, April 3 (my birthday) and said that I was finished with all requirements and could file for graduation. So, my college mentor sent me the form and I filled it out and sent it back to the school. I was told that this process would take at least two weeks. However, on Saturday, April 5, my mentor forwarded me an email telling me that I had officially graduated with a Bachelor of Arts IN Interdisciplinary Students PK-8. I was shocked to receive that email so quickly. I am expecting my transcripts and diploma in the mail this week. All of the state tests have been passed and I am now completing the final application for certification.

Now, more news......... let's see. I turned the big 50 last week. Totally depressing. I really had no idea it would hit me so hard. Mark threw me a small surprise party while down in Florida on Tuesday evening. I am posting pictures for that evening. Friends came with sweet gifts like black roses, over-the-hill cards and ribbons, pantie liners for irregular bladders, and an array of other thoughtful gifts. Despite the gifts, the evening was pleasant.

We were back home in Georgia on my real birthday on Thursday. The boys gave me some movies. Mark gave me a beautiful watch and a nice camera. Then, they took me out to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner. I wanted to order lots of appetizers and share them for our meal. It was yummy.

Easter 2008: Michael

Easter 2008: Paul

Surprise 50th Party in Florida
Here is the old woman trying to read!

The Owens, Paul and me

The Prices, Mark and me

Linda, me, Mark and Doug


Kearsmom said...

Yea ...yea...YEA! So happy for you!

Love the Easter Basket pictures!

Kearsmom said...


Also, I love the Easter basket pics!

Armenio & Luska said...

I am really proud of you. I know that it takes a lot out of us to get things done, especially when we work and go to school.
Congratulations!! I hope there will be a big celebration for you. You deserve it.

Armenio & Luska said...

Hey Debbie, congratulations on your degree. I know it is a BIG thing... hard work, but it does pay off. Hope you'll get to celebrate big. Love,


Noel said...

I am SOOOO happy for you, you have worked so hard!
That is wonderful!

Praise the LORD.

All the pictures are great.
You look so happy.

Love ya