Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Ramblings

Mother’s Day is an extremely bittersweet day for me. I am grateful for my sons who I can see, hug, and hear. They bring me joy and laughter and sometimes, a few other emotions that I won’t speak of today. (hehe) However, my mind thinks back in time when this day arrives. I find myself thinking about Christi and Bobby more than I normally do. I wonder many things. Are they married? Do I have grandchildren? Are they happy? Are they serving Christ? Are they missing me as much as I miss them? Do they remember their daddy and me? I wonder.

Yet, God has given Mark and me the grace to continue despite the pain, despite the unknowing, despite our broken hearts where our precious two older children are concerned. God has shown His love and care to our family. And, we believe we are blessed.

Today, I am totally and completely exhausted. Mark and I had a 20 hour day yesterday chaperoning his band students to a concert festival and then a trip to Six Flags over Georgia. We awoke to raging storms and yet still proceeded to shower and get ready for our church service. Both boys went with us today. It was so good to see their faces as I sat in the choir loft. After the choir special, the choir left the loft and sat with our families. That is not a normal happening in our church.

This was Dr. Perry’s last Sunday as our pastor. I ache inside. I have come to dearly love Margaret and Dr. Perry. Mark adores both of them. I wonder what changes God might have in store for my husband’s ministry. Yet, again, I believe we are blessed. The Perry’s have enriched my life.

Mark and the boys wanted to take me out for Sunday dinner but I didn’t want to fight the crowds. I just wanted a still day with my sons. I had baked a big hen on Friday evening and had put it in the refrigerator. I told Mark that I wanted to come home and cook some veggies and eat here. So, that’s what we did. I made stir fry fresh green beans, summer squash with sweet Vidalia onions chopped in them and baked potatoes.

I didn’t tell Mark this but whenever we eat summer squash, I think about his daddy. Mark’s daddy loved to garden. He grew the most wonderful squash, beans, peas, and watermelon. I am thankful for sweet memories. I am blessed.

Today at church, I was one of two moms who had four children. So, we each won a bouquet of roses because we were the moms with the most children. When I sat down, my friend who sits next to me in choir, leaned over and said, “I didn’t know that you had four children.” I just smiled and nodded. Smiles can be such a façade. She didn’t know the pain behind that smile. Thankfully, by the end of service she had forgotten her question and didn’t seek me out to ask more questions. I was blessed.

Oh, back to our dinner. Mark wanted to know if I had everything needed to finish dinner. I told him that I only needed the ingredients to make my strawberry cake. We stopped at the grocery store, and purchased fresh berries, sour cream, whipped topping and cake mix. The cake is made. Paul came in the kitchen when I was icing it and ended up helping me complete the cake. This cake was my sweet daughter’s favorite cake. It was the one she’d request for her birthday. While the memories are sweet, they also bring sorrow. But, God is good and He gives me strength to endure.

My thoughts and emotions are so mixed today, yet, I have an assurance. My Christ loves me and my family. I choose daily to trust in His love. I am blessed.

Michael and Me

Paul and Me

Being Silly

Paul, me and Michael

Mark and the boys

Mark and Me: two very tired parents!


Karren said...

((((Debbie))) I lifted you Up often yesterday, knowing the blessings and heartaches the day would bring to mind for you.

Deborah said...

I really like your new look and format! Sorry I've not visited sooner.

Your thoughts are so touching, and inspiring.

The pictures are great!

You are precious to me.

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Deborah said...

Just stopping by again for a visit. The new layout is so very nice. I love the family photos on the side bar...

Have a great day!

LOVE you!

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Leah-Joy said...

thank you for sharing that! You are such an inspiration!

Happy Mothers Day!

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