Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving..... thanks!

Today was Thanksgiving! It seems like yesterday when we were celebrating the last Thanksgiving. I am so blessed because God is so good to me. Today, has been sweet. The weather has been lovely with the fall colors proclaiming the artistry of God. This first photo is one of Paul earlier today in the backyard.

This photo is of Paul cooking the green beans. He loves fresh stir fried beans. And, he's a pretty good cook.

This photo is of the boys and me. Not the greatest photo, but I thought that I would post it anyway.

I spent all day yesterday cooking our feast. It was just our family this year. Today has been pleasant. I made quiche and grapefruit compote in rosemary syrup last night for our brunch today. After our brunch, Mark and I put the turkey in the roaster and while it was baking, we all played Pictionary. Mark and I beat the boys! The turkey got done quicker than I was expecting, so we all got busy and finished the last minute dinner items (mashed potatoes, gravy, fresh green beans) while the cornbread dressing and sweet potatoes baked in the oven.

Later, Mark and I watched the movie, "Amazing Grace." I highly recommend it.

Today has been a day of gratefulness. I am so thankful.


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Deborah said...

What a beautiful day you had! The menu sounded wonderful, especially brunch. Yum!