Friday, November 30, 2007

My thoughts this evening.....

As we were driving home a little while ago, Paul had the group Yellow Card on the stereo. They were singing a song that contained the words, “Do You Remember When?” My mind started reliving all my years with this man that God gave to me as a husband. It went back to all the firsts. I was lost in thought and overwhelmed with my emotions and was saddened about how quickly our life together is flying by. We have had sorrow and heartache more than I ever thought that I would have to endure; yet, by God’s grace, we have endured. We have also experienced great joy and laughter. I remember the day each of our children were born and the day I picked up Paul. What amazing joy!

Tears swelled up in my eyes, as I realized that since we have already been married twenty-eight years, and we may not live to see another twenty-eight. Silently, I thanked God for this man. I adore my husband. He has always been my friend as well as my lover. God has blessed me beyond measure.

Young wives love your husbands and treasure each moment that God gives you with them. Don’t get caught up on the temporal things in this life. Life moves by all too quickly. Take time everyday to build your relationship with your husband. Enjoy each other.


Our Wedding Day, December, 1979

Our Vacation this Summer, June, 2007


Beck said...

Awwwww, Debbie, that was really sweet. Y'all are a good looking couple~ then and now!

Debbie B said...

Thanks, Terri (who posted as her dd Beck!) You are so sweet to say that.


Kearsmom said...

Sweet, precious thoughts! Thanks for sharing them, and for the reminder!

§wanny said...

it is so easy to get caught up in the every day and forget the blessings. Thank you for posting this!!

Deborah said...

What a sweet post. Thank you for sharing such personal thoughts. Mark IS an awesome kind of guy, and YOU are incredible, too. I sure hope we have each others' friendships for another 28 years - time has gone by so very fast. We've been friends over 16 of those years - thank you.

Debbie B said...


We moved to Rome in October of 1989. We met in 1990! I think that our friendship is getting closer to almost 18 years. Of course... my math could be off. LOL Wasn't Marigrace a baby the first time we met at the Day's house?

We really need to get together. I miss you, too.

I have always thought that God gave me you and Lauri to replace my sisters.


Briony C said...

Dear Debbie,

I have been drawn to your case ever since I watched the Unsolved Mysteries segment. Many cases from that programme have stuck in my mind, but none more so than yours. A contact of mine (who was also drawn to the case through the segment) put me onto your blog.

I must say I am impressed! In spite of everything that has happened, you still find so much joy in life and you feel that you are blessed. I am not a seriously religious person, but I find your blog so uplifting and beautiful. You are a true Deborah and I hope your family will be reunited one day.

All the best for Christmas Day,
Briony Coote