Friday, November 30, 2007

My new Christmas quilt and other ramblings.

My friend, Linda, from Florida surprised me by FedExing me a Christmas quilt. I just love it. I thought that I would share a photo of it.

I got my official scores on the GACE exams. That was such a wonderful feeling. I passed my last objective test with WGU for my degree program on Wednesday morning. I have gotten one of my six assignments completed and submitted yesterday. It only took me five hours. LOL

I am hoping to finish another one today. That will leave me with four to get done. My adviser told me not to kill myself trying to finish them all by tomorrow. So, I will work on them over the week-end and the beginning of next week.

Merry Christmas! Tomorrow is December 1. Sunday is the first week of advent. Mark bought a new Christ candle a week ago but I have to go and buy the tapers for the advent wreath. Our tree is up and I am so glad. We have a busy schedule over the next three weeks. I have lots of my Nativities out. I love Christmas. It's my favorite holiday.


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Deborah said...

Please post pictures of your decorated house. It will be beautiful, for sure.

I love you and miss you.