Tuesday, April 10, 2007

In an attempt to lighten my mood.....

I thought that I would share a few funnies from the past few days.

Lauri's 18 year old son found out that I will be getting braces. His comment was, "Why? At your age? Why do you care what you look like?"

Sigh. I told him that my teeth were shifting and moving forward and the dentist had said that I could end up losing my teeth.

Aaron says, "How? Are they just going to pop out?"


Later that day, his MOTHER gave me the meanest birthday card about getting age spots. I said, "I need to go have laser done and get rid of them!"

Aaron heard me say that and told he that he didn't understand why I cared and that it was a waste of money. And, when he gets old...... he will do it gracefully.

I hope I can remind him of ALL of this in 30 years. hehehe

Yesterday while teaching piano one of my little 1st grade boys pooted really loud and then started laughing. I asked him if he had brought a trumpet to his piano lesson. To which he told me that his older sister poots at their dinner table everyday.

I told him to STOP telling on his sister because she will not be happy with him. He told me it was only the truth.



§wanny said...

growing old gracefully?? Can someone share how to do this, cause I want to sign up for that! LOL


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