Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bird Song

A few days ago, Paul had opened the kitchen windows and was allowing a gentle breeze to filter and float through the house. Springtime is always such a joyous time. New colors adorn the landscape. New leaves of shades of green, yellow appear on the bare trees. White and pink blossoms begin to fill the wooded areas that surround our house. The hue of the water in the pond even seems to be brighter and happier. It seems to welcome the ducks and geese. The turtles have been sunning on the rocks. Paul had counted twenty-one while fishing the other day.

All of life seems to be revived and new. For some unknown reason, no one had turned the TV on in the kitchen that evening. And, as I was setting the table, I heard a faint chorus of song birds. Their song had started quietly until the other birds, not to be undone, began to sing along. Finally, it sounded like three or four different types of birds were chirping and singing brightly as the sun began its descent in the sky. These birds were singing to honor the glorious day where God's presence had filled a small piece of the earth.

Their song caused me to pause and listen. Mark walked into the room and I looked up at him and started to say something about the music. He was listening too. After enjoying the song for a few minutes, he quietly said, "Isn't that beautiful?"

Beautiful. It was beautiful. Amazing that these little creatures who have to brave the elements, dig and hunt for their food, stop and take the time to praise the Creator. There seemed to be urgency in their song. They needed to be heard. They knew they had to sing and use their gift of music to show admiration for God and to praise Him. They sing to the unseen God not even realizing the joy they give to those unseen people who simply pause and listen to their song. They were created to sing. It is their destiny and they follow it.

Amazing and wondrous.

I now feel compelled to stop and ponder my song. Do I sing my song of thanksgiving each evening to this wonderful God that created me? Do others get to stop in their hurried lives and join in with my rejoicing and then humbly say, “Beautiful?"

God teaches and preaches to me gently. He leads me by the still waters and the marvelous song of the birds. He poses the question, “Debbie, are you living the destiny and purpose for which I created you?” He asks each of us. The birds’ song has begged me to search my own heart and life and seek out only God’s purpose and calling.

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow.
Praise Him all Creatures here below.
Praise Him above ye heavenly host.
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.


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