Saturday, April 14, 2007

Day one is over!

Yesterday on the system clean-out both Mark and I developed killer headaches. No surprise since we are both lovers of coffee.

I have bought to replace it Decaf Green tea, dandelion tea, and chamomile tea. All of these teas have some beneficial properties.

1. Green tea - antibacterial, protects against some forms of cancer, heart health protection, and aids in fat burning.

2. Dandelion tea (not my favorite taste) - Cleanses liver, aids in increased bile production, Cleanses blood of uric acid and toxins, thus preventing abscesses, boils, and rheumatism.

3. Chamomile tea - helps with stess, anxiety, and insomnia. Good for indigestion.

(The above information taken from: Natural Health Remedies by Janet Maccaro.)

Mark and I are both taking 1 teaspoon of dark cherry juice concentrate three times daily. This helps with gout. Mark's toes are already feeling better. I am taking it to reduce swelling in my hands and fingers.

To aid in cleaning us out, we are using Nature's Secret Ultimate Cleanse. I bought this from the health food store. The instructions are pretty easy.

The other part of this cleansing is drinking a green drink. Now, when Mark smelled our green drink (the powder mix) his comment was, "Debbie, this smells like cow manure." In its defense, I don't think it smells like that. He did drink it mixed with 8 oz. of orange juice. I did too. The green drink gives you an energy boost.

Well, so far - we have complete 1 day! We are 1 day closer to feeling better.

Oh, we are supposed to do thirty minutes of walking or some form of exercise three days a week while cleansing.

We plan on walking today.



§wanny said...

dark cherry juice, huh? Might have to check that out.....thinkin I might head to the health food store have inspired me

Debbie B said...


Just go for it! Clean out your system. And, be sure and get a green drink powder, too. I am trying to read up on everything relating to arthritis. Get dandelion tea, too. Buy veggie pasta and millet bread.


Unknown said...

I was wondering whether anyone starting the Nature' Secret Ultimate Cleanse realizes that it contains a seemingly small amount of caffeine (6% green tea extract)?

Is this acceptable during Janet Maccaro's first 30 days Immune System Makeover?


Lee :-)