Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Day has gone....

But, thankfulness continues.

It was just the four of us for this Thanksgiving and that was probably a good thing because I ended up totally exhausted and rather ill for three days afterwards. But, I so enjoyed Michael being home from college, Mark being off work and Paul actually hanging with his family more than normal. It was nice to be with all my guys.

A picture of my Guys!

Mark and Michael put plastic up on the screened-in-porch and we created a dining room out there for the holidays. Mark and I decorated out there and moved my cherry table out on it, too. The cats do not like having their stuff moved to the garage but they will have to adjust.

The Sjogren's has been giving me fits with foggy brain - which is disconcerting to say the least. I did some research and found out that this is normal... hahaha! Great. I was sort of hoping it was from all the drugs that I am taking right now.

After three days of being really sick with a severe headache, major eye issues and other stuff.... today I felt somewhat better. My eyes have been cooperating today and I was able to work on some school papers. This was a blessing since I need to get them turned in this week. I have been putting Systane drops in a lot more often. I think that this is helping with the mucus filaments and pain.

I did tell Mark that he needed to get a stand-by to sing my solo for the Christmas cantata at church because, well, I am not sure how I'll be doing. I have been having more not so good days than good days lately. And, I want to try and really pace myself so that I will have a good Christmas. I hope that I get to sing the solo but have decided that I will not mourn (too much) if I can't do it. Perhaps, God is wanting to allow someone else the opportunity to praise Him.

November is a hard month for me and that may be why I haven't been doing so good. Bobby turned 29 on November 16. While I try not to dwell on it and grieve that fact that we have missed his last 22 birthdays.... I know that all of those feelings and emotions are right there under the surface. I hope his day was filled with joy and I continue to pray that God will touch his heart and encourage him to contact us.

I am thankful for our family and friends. I am thankful for this holiday season that ushers in Advent and the time to celebrate our Savior's birth. Oh, I have my Advent wreath set up... but forgot to get the candles. sigh. Advent began yesterday. I am thankful that Advent isn't dependent upon my remembering to buy the candles but dependent upon our Savior's gift!


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Graham said...

And Advent's 1st Sunday is the time to reflect on Hope. Here's praying tat Hope is abundant in your life this coming year - hope for healing, hope for restoration, hpe for joy! Love you.
"Hope deferred maketh the heart sick, but when the desire comes it is a Tree of Life!" Proverbs 13:12