Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Alright... already.....

Honestly, just how much sleep does a person with Sjogren's need? If I sit down, I seem to fall asleep if I am not actively engaged in something. When I wake up from my unplanned nap, I am really irritated with myself for falling asleep but I could probably go back to sleep. This happened to me twice this morning. I have never been one to take naps during the day. It's amazing how one's life and schedule can change even when you are trying to keep it normal.

I did get three hours of lectures watched and took lots of notes today. Honestly, I am enjoying this class. I had to stop during the second lecture because my left eye was so filled with mucus filaments and causing much pain. After a couple of hours of hot rags and two doses of Systane drops and then that compound drop my eye doctor order from the pharmacist which dissolves the filaments... I could finally open my eyes without wanting to cry... which I can't do... because it only makes the situation worse.

So, needless to say, I didn't go to church tonight - again. I miss choir. I miss the people but there was no way that I could deal with my eyes at church. I tried to go one Sunday morning, foolishly thinking that I would be able to handle it. That didn't work out. I had people coming up and asking me if I had allergies. I wish this was just an allergy and that my eyesight wasn't in jeopardy.

Okay... I guess I'll stop complaining.

Paul made dinner tonight for us. He made reuben sandwiches. He toasted the rye bread with butter in a skillet while he let the swiss cheese melt into the bread, warmed the sauerkraut, piled the corn beef high and put together wonderful sandwiches. His dad and I greatly enjoyed them. :)

Oh, Mark brought me home Danish cookies. I love those type of cookies. He's a sweet husband.

Toby was sweet today. He stayed in the office with me while I was doing school. That little dog is such a joy.

TOBY, our sweet little chizer!

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Anonymous said...

I guess your body is trying to send you a message, slow down and rest... You have raised a nice son and he COOKS too! How wonderful!