Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Morning Colors....

I love spring. I enjoy those gentle morning hours when the air is filled with a sweet stillness and the dew is still on the flowers. I was out on the screened-in-porch this morning after Mark had left for work. I was talking to our pets while I drank my coffee. I had taken my camera in order to try and get some photos of the birds but the pets got my attention instead.

Splenda saw me and came up from the woods.

Here she is telling me hello!

This is our "puppy" Daisy. She is Minnie's baby.

This is our Minnie. We got her from a cousin who raised doxies after Mark's daddy died.

As I was looking around I noticed the colors. The color of the still pond with the trees' shadows casting a gray hue. The trees' leaves were rich shades of green since we have not had any lack of rain. The earth was filled with God's glorious artistry.

The pond and our picnic table where Paul will spend lazy afternoons fishing with his friends.

Trees near the pond flourish since they have a ready supply of water.

The mighty oak.

Next, I decided to wander around to the front of our home and check out the Easter lilies that I had planted last year.

Notice, the lilies are still wet with the morning dew! Their fragrance is sweet.

Here are a few more shots of some of my basket flowers and plants.

I like the delicate ruffled edges of the Africa violet's flowers.

More Basket plants.

As I came back into my quiet house, I decided to check on my sons. Both are done with this semester's classes. However, Paul begins summer school in June and Michael will be starting a summer session in college in a week or so.

My sleeping beauties! NOT!! Won't they just love me for posting these great shots?



Leah-Joy said...

Your pond is so pretty! Buddy wants a lake so bad! We have a lot of rain too, Tuesday we had hail the size of golf balls!

Deborah said...

It sounds like your morning was just lovely! I'm so happy that you can take the time to write on your blog and enjoy a cup of coffee with the Lord...You worked so very hard in school for so long!

Fairlight said...

Beautiful pets and flowers! I can't imagine how nice it would be to live on the water. I have been taking time this year to make sure I enjoy the spring. We have really been blessed with a good one!