Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A post about battling depression.......

A precious mom from my board ChristianMoms located at Excoboards, posted to me today thanking me for something that I had posted to her several months back. She told me that she had printed it out and saved the words. Today, she read them again. She wanted to thank me for them.

I am posting them here in the hopes that they may help someone else.

I will pray that you begin to experience true joy in your life.

Don't get this confused with the world's definition of joy. Joy is not based on our physical situation, on the people in our lives, on our income, home, number of children, and the list goes on. Joy is based on knowing, understanding and believing who we are in Christ. We are hidden in Him.

In order to be hidden in Christ, we must spend time with Him - daily. You need to pray, meditate on the scriptures (notice that I didn't say - quickly read them but meditate on them), learn to have a thankful spirit, and also we must practice forgiveness. We must forgive ourselves and others.

As we meditate upon the scripture, we must begin to truly follow it and apply it to every situation in our life. The Word of God, at times, cuts to our hearts. It cuts out improper thoughts, actions, and feelings. This process is painful but if we keep on turning to the Word, keeping on praying and praising God, those places that had to be surgically removed from us by the Sword of the Word begin a healing process. God pours His truth and life out in our lives if we simply seek Him.

Seek Him daily and you shall find Him.

Lots of us make the mistake of stopping before the process is completed in areas of our lives. We start with all good intention to be faithful in spending TIME with God but then as the Word begins to speak to us, we can't stand the pain. So, we cover the pain with a facade and decide that we must really be an un-favored step-child of God instead of joint heirs with Jesus. This causes depression and hopeless feelings in our lives.


God has a plan for your life and it is good. He wants you to reach out with the faith of a child and jump into His arms and trust Him. Do you remember when our children are little and right under our feet? I remember trying to make supper with toddlers and babies attached to my legs. They wanted a couple of things. First, they smelled the food and wanted to eat the good things that I was preparing for them. However, they had to WAIT until the food was done cooking. I couldn't feed a child a raw chicken leg. To a toddler, I am sure that waiting time felt forever. Also, they sometimes wanted MY attention. They were tired and just wanted their mommy to STOP whatever chore I was doing and hold them.

I honestly feel that we are to approach the Father like our babies approached us. We need to get under His feet and hold on to His legs and He will give us the good things He is preparing for us and sometimes, He just stops and scoops us up in His arms and holds us a while.

Only God and His Word and then obeying it will take away this depression and allow you to experience life to the full.

I will be praying as you seek God.


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~T said...

Wow, that is powerful, Debbie! Thanks for posting it again!!!