Thursday, October 25, 2007

A few of Michael's ceramic pieces

This is a photo taken today of Michael at the college.

This is my favorite piece. I wish y'all could see the detail. I told him that I want this piece!

Michael loves his ceramics class at college. He enjoys shaping items with his hands more than using the wheel. LOL

Here are a few pictures of him and some of his pieces that are on display in the college library. My favorite of this group is his African candy dish. After he gets these pieces out from behind glass, I'll get some better pictures. Oh, his Christmas piece is cute, too. The other pieces that he made are a wolf and a squirrel.


r said...

Awesome pieces! I used to take a pottery class in high school. That was my favorite class.

Debbie B said...

Thanks, they really are good. Well, they impressed me. hehe

I wish that they weren't on display.

Right now he's working on a lighthouse that he's making on the wheel and he just finished up a pumpkin that he made on the wheel.

The African dish in this photo is amazing. The detail is great. The dish and lid were done on the wheel and then he added more design elements.

r said...

When they are no longer on display, will you take some more pictures. The glass has a reflection on it and I would love to be able to see them more clearly. I never got that far in my pottery class, just the basics. I always wished I could have kept going in pottery, but my school schedule just couldn't fit it in. He is very talented.