Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It is actually getting closer!

I am talking about Demonstration Teaching and then graduation. It's hard to believe that this goal is nearly accomplished. I am looking into Master degree programs and trying to decide which way I want to go to pursue this next degree. I was seriously thinking about getting a Master in Technology and Education but now I am considering getting one in Curriculum design. That would go along with my creative juices. I so enjoyed creating Units of study when I was homeschooling Michael.

My braces are on my teeth! There will be no photos. They have really given me fits this week. I would have thought that after giving birth that my pain tolerance would have been higher.

Mark is really wanting to get his DMA. If he can't make that happen, he's considering getting his EdS. We shall see how everything comes into play over the next several months. The DMA would open doors for him to teach at a college or seminary level. This was always his goal before the children were kidnapped. Then our lives took on a totally different spin. The EdS would just be a very nice salary increase with the public schools. Ministry is where he feels calls and where his passion lies, though. So, we shall see what doors and windows and opportunities that God provides.

Michael is saving money to buy a car. We are planning on helping him out with some of it. It will be very nice when he has his own wheels. Although, being that Mark's school and Michael's college are across the street from each other, sharing Mark's truck has worked out alright, not perfect but doable.

I saw Paul's band march a complete show this past Friday night. They did a great job. I love that child. I wonder if our children ever really know just how much we adore them? I wonder if when they have children of their own, they finally figure it out?

I have so much to get accomplished in the next month and a half. I have to get a little script together and build the set for the children's Christmas pageant at church. I have two huge classes to finish up and one objective proctored test with my college and I am taking Georgia's Content Area exams on Saturday. It kind of makes my head spin.

I am hoping that this Thanksgiving will be spent right here at home. I really do not want to travel this year.

Well, that's a small update on my life.


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Deborah said...

It sounds like you are in your element. Smile. I am SO happy that your studies are going so well. I vote for the curriculum pathway for you. I vote that Mark should teach on the college level. Please post pictures of your beautifully decorated Thanksgiving table. Sigh. You are one remarkable, gifted woman.
I am blessed to be your friend.