Friday, September 21, 2007

Tybee Island

Mark was off this week, sort of. Let me rephrase that statement. His school was scheduled to have this week off but Mark has had three rehearsals and has a football game tonight. So, while he has had some time off, it certainly hasn't been a week. However, we did get away on Tuesday to Tybee Island. I forgot my camera or I would be posting pictures. Mark and I had a wonderful day. We tried getting into the ocean but we are used to the warmer waters of the gulf after living in Florida for seven years. The ocean was active with lots of current and waves and the breeze on the beach was lovely. The only inconvenience of a nice breeze on the beach is that the sand likes to blow. My hair was filled with sand.

We ate dinner at a fun place called The Crab Shack. It is off of Highway 80 and it is located on a salt marsh. Great atmosphere and even better food!

It was nice spending time alone with my husband. I am so thankful that we have a relationship that doesn't always have to be about the boys, or church, or chores. The day was peaceful. There is something calming about walking on a near empty beach with the love of your life. God’s power of creation is so evident when I see the ocean or travel up into the mountains. I asked Mark on Tuesday if he thought God had fun creating this world.

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